Due to the completion of an obligatory matter, which I’d rather call it as thesis (a way better than calling it ‘skripsi’), which dues on November; Cinemas become a lesser priorities for me; therefore, reviews and updates in Sinekdoks will have to be set in a hiatus mode. However, I had watched some box office’s highlights before I decided to be in this circumstances; hence, some late reviews will be catching up in other months (still try to find the most excusable time for that).

For this, I, on behalf of Sinekdoks, sign off for temporary hiatus #1 (in case there will be other hiatuses someday). See you with a titled man soon 😉


Author: Paskalis Damar AK

A Bali-based blogger. A cinema loner and self-claimed movie fan since 2013. Public Relation in non-cinematic world. bit.ly/1iSSB2Q

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