The Wolf of Wall Street (2013)

Before I watched The Wolf of Wall Street, I only learned that it would be a movie marked Martin Scorsese and Leonardo Di Caprio’s fifth collaboration with 520++ F-words and underwhelmed International reviews; a biopic which bears 5 Oscar nominations this year. Well, equipped with such info, I intentionally stayed away from reviews and buzzes to keep myself thrilled and surprised when I finally see it (fair enough). In the end, I finally realized that I’ve just watched ONE OF THE BEST MOVIES in 2013, and even, among Scorsese’s filmography. Party with Jordan inside!



Since the first firearm was invented, many people have been shot. Some of them survive, but most of them do not make it. In movies, firearm usually appears as a clincher, protector, snapper, and even, traitor. Well, rather than seeing how people shoot, I like seeing how people get shot instead. I find a simple reason for it: I feel the thrill when seeing major characters of a movie get shot–live or die.

More people got shot inside. Bang here!

American Hustle (2013)

Setelah sukses menyutradarai The Fighter yang fenomenal dan Silver Linings Playbook yang mengejutkan Oscar, David O. Russell tak bisa menahan diri. Ia segera menyutradarai American Hustle, sebuah drama crime dengan balutan komedi yang sama menghiburnya dengan Silver Linings Playbook, namun dengan gaya yang berbeda. Dengan deretan pemeran kelas atas, American Hustle segera melaju ke Oscar dengan mantap. More hustle inside. Click here!

American Hustle (2013) – English Version

Rolling up after directing the acclaimed The Fighter and Oscar-driven sensation, Silver Linings Playbook (which also directs J-Law to her first Oscar), I said: there’s no rest for David O. Russell. He buckles up to direct American Hustle, an expeditious crime flick which eventually becomes as funny and hilarious as his previous work in different way. Although, it employs “all-star” ensembles of casts and turns up becoming the most ambitious Oscar contender, I find that American Hustle is less than something (out of everything). More hustle inside. Click here!