Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance / 복수는 나의 것 (2002)

Park Chan-wook’s most complicated masterpiece whose black comedy gives darker guilty pleasure and the tragedy cuts so deep.

The bad image kidnappers get is because of kids getting killed. But we’re different.”

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Dawn of the Planet of the Apes (2014)

Surpassing the emotional and witty performance of the predecessor, Dawn questions humanity through apes. The emotional script surprisingly equals the astonishing CGI.

Ape not kill ape!

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Calvary (2014)

Calvary goes beyond a classic whodunit style into a more elegant examination of ‘what good faith is’ among secular society. The film blends breath-taking dark humors reflected in dialogues between each character and serious questions about faith and doubt.

The commandment ‘thou shalt not kill’ does not have an asterisk next to it with a list of situations at the bottom of the page where it is alright to kill.”

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Ida (2014)

Ida is an original, riveting masterpiece from Pawel Pawlikowski. Composed in monochromatic colors with sorrowful post-war tone, Ida is not just a plain road film (and a part-time mumblecore); it’s a timeless and cinematic spiritual journey.

Have you got sinful thoughts—about carnal love?

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