Thanks to the Internet: Trailers of Legend; Southpaw; Irrational Man

Thanks to the internet! Nothing but excitements I got after viewing these 3 clips. Tom Hardy plays twins; Jake Gyllenhaal gains weight; and Joaquin Phoenix teams up with Emma Stone. I anticipate all of those!

First Trailer of LEGEND (Tom Hardy)

Hardy’s been my favorite for the whole time—from RocknRolla to Locke. Yet, two Hardys at once is a temptation. Can you imagine? Bane vs Bane or Bronson vs Bronson? Slick! In Legend, Hardy portray twin mobsters—Reginald and Ronald Kray. Directed by Oscar winning director-writer, Brian Helgeland, Legend will likely focus on the downfall of Krays Dynasty in London.

Along with Roy Orbinson’s song in background, Legend seems very violent and visceral, and, Hardy is awesome! Will this be a London L.A. Confidential?

Tom Hardy selalu jadi aktor favorit semenjak dari RocknRolla sampai Locke. Namun, jika ada 2 Tom Hardy dalam satu film, tentu saja itu godaan besar. Bayangkan: Bane vs Bane atau Bronson vs Bronson? Keren! Dalam film terbarunya, Legend, Hardy memerankan mafia kembar—Reginald dan Ronald Kray. Di bawah arahan pemenang Oscar, Brian Helgeland, Legend sepertinya akan fokus pada kemerosotan dinasti Kray di London.

Diiringi lagu Ray Orbinson, nampak jelas dari trailer ini bahwa filmnya cukup keras dan visceral. Yang jelas, Hardy sangat keren di sini! Mungkinkah ini L.A. Confidential bercita rasa London?

New Trailer of SOUTHPAW (Jake Gyllenhaal)

When the first picture of Southpaw went viral, people cheered up witnessing how Gyllenhaal had gained weight after his portrayal of a skinny sociopath in Nightcrawler. That’s a work, Jake! I must say he’s a living legend—could be Robert de Niro of this era.

However, now we can see closer to what happened in Southpaw. Gyllenhaal is Billy Hope, a badass boxer who got depressed after his wife died and he couldn’t get the custody for his child. Now we see the sentimental side of this film, so I guess it’ll be complicated.

“You can’t fight like that anymore.” Hear that? It’ll be a character study, so bitter, so bleak. Are we expecting another Training Day from Antoine Fuqua?

Saat pertama kali gambar Southpaw dirilis, semua orang terkejut dengan perubahan fisik Gyllenhaal—dari sociopat ceking dalam Nightcrawler menjadi petinju berotot. Tentu saja banyak yang berpikir bahwa ia bisa jadi legenda hidup—Robert de Niro masa kini.

Namun, kini kita bisa lihat lebih dalam tentang Southpaw. Gyllenhaal memerankan Billy Hope, petinju sukses yang depresi karena istrinya terbunuh dan dia gagal mendapatkan hak asuh atas putrinya. Nampak jelas sisi sentimentalnya? Nampaknya film ini akan jadi studi karakter yang pahit dan gelap. Mungkinkah Training Day versi lain?

First Trailer of IRRATIONAL MAN (Joaquin Phoenix, Emma Stone)

Woody Allen returns! Last year was not a good year for him, but at least he came with a resolution. He returned to work with Emma Stone again (after last year they worked together in Magic in the Moonlight). Yet, he found a new collaborator now: Joaquin Phoenix.

We cannot guess whether it’ll be a pure drama or we got a shade of comedy. One certain thing is: it’s about a philosophy lecturer (Phoenix) got depressed and found solace in his student (Stone). Well, Allen’s films were always hit or miss, but Phoenix is certainly an actor I couldn’t just miss. So, we’ll see.

Woody Allen kembali! Setelah percobaannya tahun lalu tidak terlalu mengesankan, beliau kembali dengan amunisi lama: Emma Stone (dari Magic in the Moonlight). Namun kini, beliau memasangkannya dengan Joaquin Phoenix.

Sulit menebak arah film ini: apakah akan jadi drama biasa saja atau ada sentuhan komedinya. Yang pasti, ceritanya tentang dosen filsafat yang depresi (Phoenix) namun menemukan kembali arti hidup dalam diri mahasiswinya (Stone). Meskipun film-film Woody Allen kadang hit-or-miss, tapi penampilan Phoenix tentu sulit ditolak, bukan?


Author: Paskalis Damar AK

A Bali-based blogger. A cinema loner and self-claimed movie fan since 2013. Public Relation in non-cinematic world.

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