Pixels (2015) – Review

PIXELS (1.5/4): A nostalgic, big-themed Pixels is muddled up with stereotypical genre-cliches and imbalance story-telling; making sure that the arcade is better left closed before being revisited.

Pac-Man’s the bad guy?” Sam Brenner shouted.

Extra-terrestrial beings received mankind’s sincere message—in a form of recording of the 80s arcade game competition—but mistakenly took that as a threat. Result is, the Earth is invaded by a colony of aliens taking forms of those 80s video game characters, like Pac-Man, Centipede, Donkey Kong, etc.

To save the world, a former arcade-game championship runner up, Sam Brenner (Sandler) teamed up with his old friend—now the U.S. president (James), his old gaming folk, Ludlow (Gad) and his arch-enemy, Fire Blaster (Dinklage). Oh, not to forget a military love-interest, Violet (Monaghan).  Continue reading “Pixels (2015) – Review”


Thursday Movie Picks #31: All in the Family Edition: Twins

After a few months in hiatus, Thursday Movie Picks series finally returns to Sinekdoks along with the latest episode—an ultimate picks for July. This weekly series hosted by  Wandering through the Shelves Blog comes with an All in the Family Edition, specifically Twins.

In case you want to partake in this groundbreaking series, visit TMP’s main page hereContinue reading “Thursday Movie Picks #31: All in the Family Edition: Twins”

BLINDSPOT: Requiem For A Dream (2000)

Getting the money’s not the problem, Harry,” said Marion.

Darren Aronofsky is always at his best take when acknowledging his characters as some neurotic, troubled human being with certain kinds of paranoia and dilemma. At least that works with his strong direction—resulting in some eloquent figures in cinematic history. Continue reading “BLINDSPOT: Requiem For A Dream (2000)”

A Touch of Sin (2013) – Review

The gods are to blame – if you have grievances, tell heaven about them!

This violent, outrageous and brilliantly cinematographed movie by Chinese filmmaker Jia Zhang-ke tells about four random crime stories based on real events that spread out in some places in China. The English title is likely an Easter egg to 1971’s wuxia movie, A Touch of Zen. A Touch of Sin was nominated at Cannes and winning Best Screenplay nomination.  Continue reading “A Touch of Sin (2013) – Review”

Ant-Man (2015) – Review

The world sure seems different from down here, doesn’t it, Scott?” Hank Pym whispered through Scott Lang’s ears from afar.

Last chunk of fast-expanding Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase 2 doesn’t buzz big—remember, Age of Ultron precedes this one. Instead, it swarms like a horde of ants, like literally ants. Without getting any bigger just like how its tagline sounds, Ant-Man strongly affirms that same rule applies—literally.

Following the tumultuous production—long-hiatus in development hell until Edgar Wright’s sudden pullout due to creative differences—Ant-Man‘s finally approaching, not as an A-lister Marvel Superhero, not as anybody, but I saw it coming. Guardians of the Galaxy made it, why don’t I give Ant-Man a try?  Continue reading “Ant-Man (2015) – Review”