Creed (2015) – Review

Review: Similar to The Force Awakens, one doesn’t have to be an adept viewer of Sylvester Stallone’s Rocky saga to love Ryan Coogler’s Creed. Yet, those who have known ‘The Italian Stallion’ might find Creed familiarly intriguing since it feels nostalgic and fresh at once.

While Rocky Balboa (2009) gives clear-cut indication that Rocky’s tenure as a boxer might completely end after once again proving his prowess in a ring; it turns out Creed gives extra breath for the people’s champ as well as for Stallone by shifting him to the supporting side and exploring some related legacy from the saga’s past instead.

The legacy is Adonis ‘Donnie’ Johnson (Michael B. Jordan), a non-legitimate son of Apollo Creed, Rocky’s former foe-turned-friend who were killed in a fight against Drago on Rocky IV. And Creed is literally a series of fights to decide what would become of him. Continue reading “Creed (2015) – Review”


Brooklyn (2015) – Review

Review: There’s been an awakening. Having paved her own shadowy way to stardom, young Irish-American Saoirse Ronan finally gets a shot to her own spotlight. After her international breakthrough in Atonement – which granted her an Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actress, she keeps making bold picks with different taste – The Lovely Bones, Hannah, and a small role in The Grand Budapest Hotel; it all makes sense when her recent tenure with director John Crowley in a period drama, Brooklyn, possibly led her to more prestigious nominations.

Ronan is Eilis Lacey, a young woman living under her mother’s comfort in a small town in Ireland. Young and aspiring she is, caught up in dreams of American shores as she steps across the universe to Brooklyn, New York, where a story has awaited. Continue reading “Brooklyn (2015) – Review”

Star Wars: The Force Awakens (2015) & 100 Things I Like About It [with SPOILERS]

Not A Review: Star Wars: The Force Awakens is all about the hype. The Force is really strong with this one, travelling in hyperdrive to satisfy cult classic fans, even new fans from generation to another generation. It indeed looks like a fan service sequel, but isn’t that what we’re looking for? YES!

Once again, this is not a review post (although it appears under ‘Movie Review’category); it’s a dedication post from a fan—who grew up with Special Edition of the original trilogy—wrapping up everything I love from the recent installment of this classic saga.  Continue reading “Star Wars: The Force Awakens (2015) & 100 Things I Like About It [with SPOILERS]”

Unfriended (2015) – Review

Review: I never thought about and accept Unfriended as one deadly fun horror movie before I finally watch it myself. The premise sounds ridiculous in the beginning: a ghost is threatening a bunch of social media generation teenagers for retribution with subtext to cyber-bullying. The way it presents the idea is far more ridiculous: a whole screen of MacBook with multiple tabs with a Skype window as the highlight.

15 minutes going into the plot, Unfriended suddenly makes all senses. At the same time, it comes with more proofs certifying itself as a clever horror movie that finds a way to cyber era. Continue reading “Unfriended (2015) – Review”

Thursday Movie Picks #51: Family Get-Together/Reunions

Welcome back to Thursday Movie Picks hosted by Wandering Through the Shelves. As for this week, the theme is ‘Family Get-Together/Reunions.’ Anyway, the series is continued to 2016 with full schedule posted on the blog, in case you fellow bloggers want to participate.

For this week, I pick three movies: the one adapted from play, the one with beautiful MMA choreography, and the one with most iconic father revelation. So, here I present you ‘Family Get-Together/Reunions’ movies. Continue reading “Thursday Movie Picks #51: Family Get-Together/Reunions”

The Assassin (2015) – Review

Review: Taiwanese arthouse director and Cannes darling, Hou Hsiao-hsien returns with a new, pretentious wuxia bravura in The Assassin, which granted him Best Director award in the festival which love him much.

Based on a story, even a myth, from the 9th century China, The Assassin is not just an exhibition of exquisite production design and beautifully orchestrated martial arts; it’s a critic-winner. But, not everyone is a critic. Continue reading “The Assassin (2015) – Review”