The Secret Life of Pets (2016) – Review

Review: Who would have thought that there is a secret behind New York’s vibrant landscape? Pets of New York have a secret life that they only show when their owners aren’t home. The Secret Life of Pets is a very literal title to such story.

Secretly, those pets – from mammals to reptiles and birds – secretly interact and have fun just like human. To depict that, this pars-pro-toto animation directed by Chris Renaud and Yarrow Cheney focuses on the life of Max (Louis C.K.), a male dog who thinks he has a special relationship with his owner Katie (Ellie Kemper, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt).

His life suddenly changes when Katie decides to adopt Duke (Eric Stonestreet), a big, furry, lazy and intimidating male dog. An unhealthy schism suddenly embarks between the two, which results in they get lost in the heart of New York’s urban jungle. That situation forces them to work together to survive and find a way home, to Katie, whom they love to impress. Continue reading “The Secret Life of Pets (2016) – Review”


The Secret Life of Pets (2016): Kisah rahasia hewan peliharaan yang kurang rahasia

Review The Secret Life of Pets: Siapa sangka kalau di balik vibrant-nya lautan lansekap New York, para hewan peliharaan punya kehidupan rahasia yang hanya mereka tunjukkan saat para majikannya tak di rumah? The Secret Life of Pets adalah jawabannya yang paling literal.

Semua hewan peliharaan ternyata saling berinteraksi dan bersenang-senang layaknya manusia. Untuk menampilkannya, animasi arahan Chris Renaud dan Yarrow Cheney ini berfokus pada kehidupan Max (Louis C.K.), anjing peliharaan Katie (Ellie Kemper) yang merasa punya hubungan spesial dengan majikannya.

Kehidupannya berubah ketika Katie memutuskan untuk mengadopsi Duke (Eric Stonestreet), anjing besar pemalas yang mengintimidasinya. Persaingan tak sehat Max dan Duke justru membuat mereka tersesat di belantara New York, sehingga mau tak mau mereka harus bekerja sama untuk bisa bertahan hidup. Continue reading “The Secret Life of Pets (2016): Kisah rahasia hewan peliharaan yang kurang rahasia”

BLOGATHON: Against the Crowd – Boo to ‘Trainwreck’, Yay to ‘Deep Rising’

Against the Crowd blogathon by Wendell of Dell on Movies returns for its third year. As for this year, he’s partnering with KG Movie Rants to host this annual blog event, where bloggers are asked to choose a movie we love that most people don’t and a movie we dislike that most people like. Here are some rules to follow.

  1. Pick one movie that “everyone” loves (the more iconic, the better). That movie must have a score of at least 75% on Tell us why you hate it.
  2. Pick one movie that “everyone” hates (the more notorious, the better). That movie must have a score of less than 35% on Tell us why you love it.
  3. Include the tomato meter scores of both movies.
  4. Use one of the banners in this post, or feel free to create your own.

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The Sunshine Blogger Awards 2016

The Sunshine Blogger award nomination returns to Sinekdoks after it previously ducked on 2013. Enormous gratitude goes to Jenna and Allie from awesome Flick Chicks blog, who have nominated this blog to keep the light goes. It’s a big appreciation to receive such nomination; at least, I know that at least someone (in this case, two people) gives real attention to this blog.

To simply receive and pass on the awards, these are the fundamental rules:
-> Post the award on your blog ☑
-> Thank the person who nominated you ☑
-> Answer the 11 questions they set you ☑ (Below)
-> Pick another 11 bloggers (and let them know they are nominated!)
-> Set them 11 questions

Here are my answers to Jenna and Allie’s questions! Anyway, visit their awesome dynamic duo blog now!  Continue reading “The Sunshine Blogger Awards 2016”

Tale of Tales (2016): Bukan sekedar dongeng sebelum tidurmu

Review Tale of TalesSutradara film thug Italia, Gomorrah, Matteo Garrone menghadirkan negeri dongeng impiannya yang diadaptasi lepas dari ahli dongeng Giambattista Basile (1566-1632) dalam debut film berbahasa Inggrisnya, Tale of Tales.

Dunia dongeng yang dianut Garrone bukanlah dunia yang sama dengan dunianya para Disney princess; dunia ini lebih dewasa dan lebih buruk rupa. Segala keindahan dan kemegahan feodal tetap dihadirkan, namun sisi gothic dan grotesk-nya yang kadang disturbing lah yang mendominasi. Tak ayal, mulai dari lalat peliharaan, ogre penjaga gunung, pangeran albino kembar, perawan tua binal sampai hidangan jantung mentah pun menjadi sajian utama Tale of Tales. Continue reading “Tale of Tales (2016): Bukan sekedar dongeng sebelum tidurmu”

Lights Out (2016) – Review

Review: Started off as a viral hundred-second short film circa 2013, director David Sandberg expands the idea into an 81-minute full feature, which somehow gives you a nyctophobia and electricity company a strong warning.

Opened with a reenactment of the short film, Lights Out takes only seconds to directly introduce the mysterious entity, a human silhouette that only terrorizes in the darkness. ‘It’ only appears when the lights out and disappears when the lights on; and it goes on and on until the bastard comes right in front of you.

As soon as the entity gets a proper introduction, Lights Out introduces us to a family – the epicenter of the whole film. The story revolves around Rebecca (Teresa Palmer), a pariah with past issues against her mother, who tries to protect her stepbrother (Gabriel Bateman) from the danger which used to threaten her when she’s younger. Meanwhile, their twice-a-widow mother (Maria Bello) keeps acting weird as she befriends a secret friend. Question is: Does the mysterious entity cause misery within this dysfunctional family? Or does the dysfunction manifest in this anti-light entity? Continue reading “Lights Out (2016) – Review”