John Wick (2014)

John Wick serves quick, over-stylish CQC "gun-fu" (a term from J. Rothkopf) that marks Keanu Reeves' audacious come-back to 'real…


Blue Ruin (2014)

Enticing, poignant, but funny---Blue Ruin is an exhilarating revenge thriller that has extravagant shades of black comedy


Fury (2014)

With good chemistry between the A-listers in casts led by Brad Pitt's comeback to Nazi hunting business, Fury convincingly depicts the horror of WW II through well-choreographed tank battle. Although…Continue Reading →

Horns (2014)

You wouldn't believe the director who brought you gory/funny Haute Tension and Piranha 3D directing the post-Harry Potter lead in…


Noah (2014)

With stunning visuals and audacious interpretation of Bible, Noah, indeed, has the shade of Aronofsky. Only the decision to put…