Thursday Movie Picks #5: All in the Family Edition – Married Couples Movies

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Happy (late) Thursday from Indonesia! Let’s participate in the incredible weekly Thursday Movie Picks hosted by Wandering through the Shelves Blog.

This weekly blog series has always been an interesting feature to follow every week. Yet, I never thought that Thursday would be so busy I lost keeping track on this feature, until now I finally participate… in the end of January.

The rule has always been simple (in case anyone wanna join this, too): Each week there is a topic for you to create a list of three movies. Your picks can either be favourites/best, worst, hidden gems, or if you’re up to it one of each. For further details visit the series main page here.

This week’s Thursday Movie Picks is All in the Family Edition – Married Couples Movies, and here comes my picks:

001. Blue Valentine: In this Derek Cianfrance’s drama, the end of a marriage year is depicted in a dark, grim atmosphere that makes you wish you are not in such situation. The couple was a dream couple but their downfall was more than just a nightmare, it’s real.

002. The Notebook: It doesn’t seem like a marriage movie, not until you watched it ’til the very end. Noah and Allie was a perfect couple from their summer fling moment to their old-time-together emotional moment. This is a perfect example of a summer lover ended up as a most caring husband ever, that’s the key-point of a marriage for men, ain’t it?

003. Before Midnight: It took 18 years to finally saw Jesse and Celine talked about their daily-base marriage. We never really knew how their marriage was going, but judging from their convocation, it’s a warm one. Once again, this is a perfect example how a stranger could finally being a catalyst in a marriage. The point is they talk; and that’s what people do in marriage.

Oh, 2 Ryan Gosling’s movie there.

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  1. Blue Valentine was one of my picks too! I like how the chapter of Jesse and Celine closed, and how their relationship is reflective of the times, particularly how they developed as people and as a couple.

    1. Great you picked that, too! Yes, they’ve become a real couple within years they’re together, the fire might not be as sparkle as it was 9 years ago, but that is very conclusive. Agree with you.

  2. I don’t remember watching blue valentine but I know the other two. I just love them. Yepp, they talk a lot in before midnight. But I really wonder if that’s what people do in real marriages. 🙂

    1. Don’t you think a real marriage allows people to talk as warm as it is in the movie? I don’t think so. Lol.

      1. No experience here.. but don’t they say that marriages fail bcoz ppl stop talking and start fighting. 🙂 but yes, I/anyone would want a happy and warm one which is why I love the movie.

        1. And that’s why I love this one, too 🙂

  3. Brittani Avatar

    Blue Valentine! I like that you picked The Notebook too. It’s the only Nicholas Sparks movie I will probably ever see.

    1. Yess, it’s more romantic than intriguing, but Notebook is a well-crafted drama

  4. Such a great and inspired list. So glad you’re playing along and I hope you can keep it up. I actually write my posts on Monday or Tuesday and schedule them to drop Thursday’s at midnight, that way I don’t get too busy and miss one.

    And I love that you went with The Notebook, Before Midnight and Blue Valentine because they are such sharply contrasted looks at marital endurance.

    1. Ah, such a great tip. Im gonna apply that next week and follows.
      It was intentional to pick 3 different marital situation, cause that’s what people do. Right?

  5. Hey there glad you join us this week.
    I would have thought to have seen more The Notebook since it is a popular romantic movie but thus far it has only appeared on your list.
    Actually if I’m not mistaken, Jesse and Celine is still unmarried, they only told their twins they were but they’re not. If they were married I would definitely have put Before Midnight on my list this week. Jesse and Celine are one of my favourite movie couples ever.

    1. Oh I never got that impression, so I think I did it wrong for my first participation. Yet, I still loved them as a married couple. Well, let’s hope I got a better picks later on.

  6. Nice to see you participating in this Paskalis! I actually like The Notebook for the older versions of Noah and Allie w/ James Garner & Gena Rowlands, more so than the saccharine romance of Gosling/McAdams.

    1. That’s what I like too. More alive and sweet in a different way!

      1. Yes indeed! Plus I don’t really care for Gosling unlike most girls.

        P.S. Hope you’ll stop by on Thursday for my monthly series Five for the Fifth! 😉

        1. Haha I like Gosling lately, mostly because of Winding-Refn.
          Sure, stopping by on Thursday!

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