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Day: September 25, 2015

Güeros (2015) – BALINALE Review
Movie Review

Güeros (2015) – BALINALE Review

During the middle act of Güeros---Alonso Ruizpalacios' whimsical directorial debut, a character talks to another, complaining about Mexican filmmakers make a so-called art film, shoot it in black and white with the infusion of poverty, corruptions, riots, and gangsters in background, then go to overseas festival, attempts to convince French critics about its substance, yet, instead of self-funding it, those filmmakers uses money collected from taxes. While the other character gives an amen to it. Güeros is self-aware of itself as that movie who tries to be pretentious and artsy as described by its own characters, only in D.I.Y. indie side. That spirit is what the movies tries to depict and emanate---the pretentious rebel of youth in a solid satire of teen angst in a political collapsed co...

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