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Day: September 28, 2016

La Tête Haute / Standing Tall (2015) – BALINALE Review
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La Tête Haute / Standing Tall (2015) – BALINALE Review

Review: La Tête Haute a.k.a. Standing Tall is an overlong and sometimes frustrating journey of juvenile delinquency care in French reflected in lives of l’enfant terrible and people around him. It’s a long and winding road of candid law system – process to process until it finally settles in an ambiguous but reflective final scene. It’s a poignant drama which received 8 nominations at the 41st César Awards and won two. ‘Blatant’ and ‘unsettling’ might be the best vocabulary to fast-describe Standing Tall, aside from ‘hot-headed’. Standing Tall blatantly introduces the core character in a very distressing scene, where frustrated Séverine (Sara Forestier) irresponsibly leaves her confused, eldest toddler son, Malony (later portrayed by Rod Paradot), to the care of judge Florence Bla...

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