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Day: September 16, 2019

Review: Bikeman /  ไบค์แมน ศักรินทร์ตูดหมึก (2018)
Focus: Asia, Movie Review

Review: Bikeman / ไบค์แมน ศักรินทร์ตูดหมึก (2018)

What Prueksa Amaruji's Bikeman offers is a familiar reflection of third-world country's problem, where employment issues create the urban dream. University graduates have to wander off the hometown to compete with each other and find jobs in the country's capital (or the financial capital). Bikeman attempts to underline such an issue with lightweight exposition and a heightened sense of comedy—overdosed with slapstick and farce. At the center of this Thai blockbuster, Sakkarin (Pachara Chirathivat) will wake up early morning to boat across the lake of his provincial town before catching a train to Bangkok, where he claims to work in a high-profile bank. The truth is, he never works in a bank; he attempted a few times indeed to apply for a job in banks, but he never made it. Refusing to...

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