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Day: December 8, 2019

Review: Last Christmas (2019)
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Review: Last Christmas (2019)

With every work, Paul Feig has expanded his portfolio that keeps departing from the traditional comedy, which makes the reputation out of him. Ever since Bridesmaid, Feig never sticks to certain formula; The Heat, Spy, and Ghostbusters have respectively distinct comedic elements. Recently, the director adapts Darcey Bell's mystery, A Simple Favor, and still makes it an exhilarating one. With Last Christmas, the director ventures into a Curtisian British romcom—a distinctive sub-genre which almost exclusively related to British filmmakers. Feig works on the script written by seasoned British actress, Emma Thompson (whose screenwriting credits including Oscar-nominated Sense & Sensibilities and Bridget Jones' Baby), and Byrony Kimmings. Thompson and Kimmings conceive the story of Las...

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