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Day: February 22, 2020

Review: Toko Barang Mantan (2020)
Focus: Indonesia, Movie Review

Review: Toko Barang Mantan (2020)

There's a store named Toko Barang Mantan which allows people to sell and buy exes' stuff. People will come to the store and dump their exes' stuff in the hope of forgetting the memories; the store, owned and managed by a rebel colleague student named Tristan (Reza Rahadian), will then sell the stuff to the willing buyers looking for gifts or antics. The profit share mechanism is unknown. But, at least, that's the unique premise of this romcom—making memories a commodity. Directed by Viva Westi (Koki-Koki Cilik 2) based on the script by Titien Wattimena (Dilan series), Toko Barang Mantan treats memories of ex-lovers to be some products to sell (capitalism has found a way to people's feeling apparently). Tristan, leaving his study to focus on managing the store, has the history to have ...

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