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Day: April 13, 2020

Review: Happy Old Year / ฮาวทูทิ้ง (2019)
Focus: Asia, Movie Review

Review: Happy Old Year / ฮาวทูทิ้ง (2019)

Thai director, Nawapol Thamrongrattanarit, offers an opposite view to Japanese organizing guru, Marie Kondo's tidying-up game with a sentimental drama, Happy Old Year. When Kondo encourages people to declutter and organize their houses by throwing out stuff that no longer sparks joy, Nawapol argues that Kondo's method is not always the case. Some people hold some memories dearer than some other people; and, sometimes, memories are knotted to specific things that belong to the past, even when they do not spark joy anymore. Happy Old Year observes 'old stuff' — reminiscents of the past — as a container of memories. Oftentimes, people forget people or moment because there's barely physical totem to hold on. This view makes Kondo's credo looks too pragmatic; and, at the same times, gives t...

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