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Day: November 16, 2020

Review: Sweat (2020)
Movie Review

Review: Sweat (2020)

In Magnus von Horn's Sweat, newcomer Magdalena Kolesnik breaks into the movie frenetically, portraying Sylwia Zajac—an Instagram personality and a workout guru with approximately 600,000 followers. Taking the center stage in the movie's highly energetic opening, adeptly choreographed and staged, Sylwia is a powerhouse in the internet and in real life. We can feel the energy that she brings as she keeps calling her disciples "kochanie" ("sweetheart" or "darling" in Polish) and spreading positivity whenever she can. The opening sequence shows just how influential the main character is—how powerful is her motivation and how people would like to be like her. And yet, this is the grandest and the most lively the movie would ever be; because what follows is a milder character study to unravel h...

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