Best of 2016: Performances

My most favorite list in a year is always: Best Performances. It’s a list dedicated to the year’s most fascinating acting performances—as usual, I made this list without classification. There’s no leading or supporting category; there’s no male or female category; there’s no young or veteran category; there’s even space for screen-stealers. Among the most vigorous performances in 2016, here’s my list of 15 Best Performances of 2016! Continue reading “Best of 2016: Performances”


Best of 2016: Movie Music Moments

To start Sinekdoks’ Best of 2016 series, let’s start with Best Movie Music Moments – a new category I picked for this year. The reason is simple: I am a music fan like everyone else and, usually, my yearly Best Scene lists contained one or two music moments, hence this category.

This is a list dedicated to some minutes in movies whose groove gets us into sing along and/or dance along. To the beats, to the lyrics, to the voice, and to the harmony, I root my 10 best music moments in the 2016 movies. Some moments might lead to spoiler. Read at your own risk and do not forget to comment after reading. Continue reading “Best of 2016: Movie Music Moments”

The Most Anticipated Movies of 2017

Another year, another roster of films to look forward. In a glance, 2017 looks promising, especially for superhero movies aficionados or sequel enthusiasts. Some fan-favorite auteurs also set to return this year with some new surprises.

Best expectation for this year would be: seeing hundreds of great films; even, I personally hope that Transformers and some DCEU entries perform better than they’d been.

Here’s a peek to Sinekdoks’ most anticipated movies in 2017. Continue reading “The Most Anticipated Movies of 2017”

Announcing The Blind Spot Series 2017 Participation

After failing to complete Blind Spot Series 2015 and missing the whole challenge in 2016, Sinekdoks returns for Blind Spot Series 2017 hosted by Ryan McNeill of The Matinee. The idea is: picking 12 films to watch; one film each month for the course of a year. However, it is not merely a shame-list or to-watch list; there must be a sense of purpose to arrange the list.

As for 2017, I dedicate this year’s series as a homage to several Oscars’ Best Pictures I missed from the beyond the 2010s, which I can get the access to watch. I am gonna watch the films in reverse-chronological order to signify the flashback (except for two titles I cannot watch in backwards). Continue reading “Announcing The Blind Spot Series 2017 Participation”

The 2016 Piala Maya Nominations

Piala Maya, also known as Maya Awards, is an annual Indonesian film awards initiated by Indonesian online film enthusiasts. As per 2016, the award hits its fifth run hinted by the picked theme ‘5ELEBRASI’ — a portmanteau of the word ‘selebrasi’ (celebration) and 5.

On November 30, 2016, Piala Maya has announced the list of nominations with total 31 categories, including a new additional category. Athirah leads the race with 13 nominations, followed by the closest contenders, Surat dari Praha (Letters from Prague) and A Copy of My Mind with respectively 11 nominations. Meanwhile, three other films following with 7 nominations are Ada Apa dengan Cinta? 2, Warkop DKI Reborn: Part 1, and Aisyah: Biarkan Kami Bersaudara.

Piala Maya 2016 is special for SINEKDOKS is granted a nomination under ‘Kritik Film Terpilih’ or ‘Acclaimed Film Critics’ for the review A Copy of My Mind (as seen in this post).

Below are the complete list of Piala Maya nominees. Continue reading “The 2016 Piala Maya Nominations”

What the Hell …oween! #4: The Sacrament (2013)

Tepat di malam Halloween, terbitlah pula post terakhir dari serial What the Hell …oween! A Collaborative Post persembahan sinekdoks dan hzboy a.k.a. Hestia ini. Masih dengan tema orang-orang yang jauh dari society, kali ini film yang diangkat adalah tentang sekte sesat. Familiar?

Film tentang sekte selalu memberi perasaan haunted yang menyebalkan. Bukan karena praktik sekte tersebut atau tentang brainwashing yang biasanya dilakukan, tapi karena ada perasaan tidak nyaman selalu muncul. Seri terakhir ini akan membahas sebuah film tentang sekte rahasia, The Sacrament — yang merupakan film Ti West paling “sopan” dan mainstream.

So, let’s check Hestia’s take for this! Continue reading “What the Hell …oween! #4: The Sacrament (2013)”