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March 2017 – A Recap

My birthmonth has coming to its end with lots of things going on in my blog. First of all, I decided to resurrect A Season with series for appreciation towards selected TV series. Second, I start initiating Alien marathon (but only watched first two titles so far), which I plan to finish before Alien: Covenant. Third, I also initiated a self-program I call “A Hitchcock Film A Month” which hopefully will help me clearing my own palette. That’s some update about what’s going on with my blog routine.

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February 2017 – A Recap

February was not as prolific as imagined. Only plenty of films were released (especially in accordance to the Oscar); fortunately, most of them were great. The highlight of this month is The Academy Awards in the end of the month, which could’ve been the best of the decade, but apparently wasn’t. I’ve been crossing off some films from my Biggest Misses list, whose title is apparently correct; and put all of those films in short reviews in this recap. Surprisingly enough, none of those films really feel ‘romantic’ like how February should’ve been.

Here’s a recap to help readers catch up with what went in Sinekdoks along February 2017! Continue reading February 2017 – A Recap

January 2017 – A Recap

This January was surprisingly a very crowded, busy month. Great films from the passing year were released in accordance with the coming of award buzz, new blockbusters were swarming up; and Sinekdoks made annual list called Best of 2016. I watched all Oscars-nominated films, but I intend to post the reviews in a long-streak of post in February. I joined up in two series I once participated in 2015.

Here’s a recap to help readers catch up with what went in Sinekdoks along January 2017!

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