Sinek-Talk: Rank James Wan’s Horrors from Worst to Best

With The Conjuring 2 scaring the hell out of box office, James Wan has proven his might in crafting horror pieces that intimidate people effectively (at least in majority of his works). Launching 3 big franchises and directing 6 horrors since 2004, he has made a big name in the hall of fame of modern horror directors.

This post is an appreciation towards his almost immaculate directorial efforts, which have inspired many other filmmakers to go beyond ordinary, especially in the same genre. Even his weaker work is still a fine work of horror which would still be able to terrify horror aficionados. Sinekdoks attempts to rank his directorial effort to make modern horror matters.  Continue reading “Sinek-Talk: Rank James Wan’s Horrors from Worst to Best”


TOP 7: Films of Coen Brothers

By far, Coen Brothers might always be associated to the most prominent and original brother directors in Hollywood. Ripping film industry apart since 1984, the siblings, Joel and Ethan, have been nominated for 14 Oscars and won 4 of them so far. From comedy to Western, from thriller to neo-noir, there’s barely a discord in their filmography. In honor of their reputable career (and in conjunction with my recent Hail, Caesar! post), Sinek-Talk presents TOP 7 films of Coen Brothers!

P.S.: I could only pick 7. Honorable mentions: Other Coen Brothers’ films aside of this top 7. Continue reading “TOP 7: Films of Coen Brothers”

Sinek-Talk: Musings on Movie Date with Tips

I never know who started it, but movie date has become a ‘basic date’ in this present time. Almost in every cinema I went in, major audiences are couple, I think… or is it just me? It’s like 70% of total audiences are movie-dating couple (sometimes, including me) and the rest are groups, family, and cinema-loner (some other times, also including me).

No problem with that, at all. I’m also a ‘movie-dater’ when I’m not a cinema-loner. Travis Bickle from Taxi Driver is also a movie-dater… in an adult cinema; Tom Hansen from (500) Days of Summer is also one; and even Donnie Darko practiced this, too. So, it seems that when done correctly, movie date can be a perfect date, but note, when done correctly.  Continue reading “Sinek-Talk: Musings on Movie Date with Tips”

November Rain: 7 Lite Dramas to Enjoy On The Rainy Season

Seven (7) randomly-picked decent lite romantic dramas, to celebrate those feelings amplified during the rain of November.

Do not be angry with the rain; it simply does not know how to fall upwards.” ― Vladimir Nabokov

Continue reading “November Rain: 7 Lite Dramas to Enjoy On The Rainy Season”