Films of the Year – 2010s

Top Film of 2010s


  1. Gravity (Alfonso Cuaron)
  2. Her (Spike Jonze)
  3. Before Midnight (Richard Linklater)
  4. The Wolf of the Wall Street (Martin Scorsese)
  5. The Spectacular Now (James Ponsoldt)
  6. Rush (Run Howard)
  7. Inside Llewyn Davis (Ethan & Joel Coen)
  8. Prisoners (Denis Villeneuve)
  9. The Hunt (Thomas Vinterberg)
  10. Short Term 12 (Destin Cretton)

11. Dallas Buyers Club (Jean Marc Vallee) 12. 12 Years A Slave (Steve McQueen) 13. Captain Philips (Paul Greengrass) 14. Man of Steel (Zack Snyder) 15The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug (Peter Jackson) 16. Upstream Color (Shane Carruth) 17Stoker (Park Chan-wook) 18Frozen (Chris Buck, Jennifer Lee) 19Only God Forgives (Nicolas Winding-Refn) 20The Conjuring (James Wan)


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