Annabelle (2014)

Not even half as fun and as scary as The Conjuring. Annabelle doesn’t even focus on the titular doll—just a funny over-hyped spin-off that benefits from the predecessor.

There are things happening that can’t explain,” said Mia.

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Chef (2014)

Just like the on-screen lava cake, the outer crust is left under-cooked to let the chocolate molten; the plot is left “under-cooked” to let the food porn highlighted, Chef is.

The kitchen is my domain,” said Chef Carl Casper.

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Frank (2014)

Frank is a witty black comedy that embraces absurdity and creativity to journey behind the back of an internet-era avant-garde band with convincing performance from Gleeson jr. and Fassbender.

You play C, F, and G?” Don asked; “Yeah,” Jon agreed; “You’re in,” said Don.

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The Descendants (2011)

Like typical Alexander Payne’s film, The Descendants beautifully captures a specific bittersweet moment of one’s life in a funny/clumsy/touching way. This time, it’s a tale of a father and a husband trying to cope up with his wife’s dying and reconciliate with her daughters in Hawaiian gorgeous landscape.

My friends on the mainland think just because I live in Hawaii, I live in paradise. Like a permanent vacation.”

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Neighbors (2014)

Neighbours surprisingly matches two generations and two poles of ‘type-casts’ actors in a single entertaining R-rated humours, with super naughty jokes and family’s slapstick satire. Some jokes have the sense of over-the-top and not really original, but they’re eventually a great pump to laugh.

She only sees shapes,” assures Kelly; “Shapes fucking each other!” Mac replies.

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The Purge: Anarchy (2014)

Another impressive hit of a low-budgeted-cult from the production house known as a sequel-of-low-budgeted-hit aficionado.

The unwritten Purge rule: don’t save lives. Tonight we take lives,” said Big Daddy to Sergeant.

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