Dracula Untold (2014)

When Dracula goes Maleficent, he loses his charm with dull and bleak backstory that makes this classic villain lame. Dracula…


Annabelle (2014)

Not even half as fun and as scary as The Conjuring. Annabelle doesn't even focus on the titular doll---just a…


Chef (2014)

Just like the on-screen lava cake, the outer crust is left under-cooked to let the chocolate molten; the plot is left "under-cooked" to let the food porn highlighted, Chef is.Continue Reading →

Frank (2014)

Frank is a witty black comedy that embraces absurdity and creativity to journey behind the back of an internet-era avant-garde…


The Descendants (2011)

Like typical Alexander Payne's film, The Descendants beautifully captures a specific bittersweet moment of one's life in a funny/clumsy/touching way.…


Neighbors (2014)

Neighbours surprisingly matches two generations and two poles of 'type-casts' actors in a single entertaining R-rated humours, with super naughty jokes and family's slapstick satire. Some jokes have the sense…Continue Reading →