Sinekdoks Giveaway #1: Ika Natassa’s Critical Eleven & A Very Yuppy Wedding

Welcome, folks!

If you find this page, then, you are lucky enough to get a chance to win a special giveaway from me. Yes, me. And, apparently, there are two.

So, I’m feeling very lucky and I’m gonna share it to you. I’m giving away two Ika Natassa’s novels entitled: Critical Eleven and A Very Yuppy Wedding.

So, if you’re feeling lucky, too. You can follow these steps:

  1. Follow me on Twitter: @sinekdoks so I can DM you if you win.
  2. Tell me your #1 favorite movie all the time in a tweet.
  3. Use #SinekdoksGiveaway hashtag so I can easily track you.
  4. Tweet it before January 24, 2017.

I don’t care if there’s only one participant; I will still give that lucky one those books. Oh, and make sure, you’re living in Indonesia right now (honestly, I can’t afford overseas shipping).

Good luck, folks!