What the Hell …oween! #4: The Sacrament (2013)


Tepat di malam Halloween, terbitlah pula post terakhir dari serial What the Hell …oween! A Collaborative Post persembahan sinekdoks dan hzboy a.k.a. Hestia ini. Masih dengan tema orang-orang yang jauh dari society, kali ini film yang diangkat adalah tentang sekte sesat. Familiar? Film tentang sekte selalu memberi perasaan haunted yang menyebalkan. Bukan karena praktik sekte […]

A Touch of Sin (2013) – Review


“The gods are to blame – if you have grievances, tell heaven about them!” This violent, outrageous and brilliantly cinematographed movie by Chinese filmmaker Jia Zhang-ke tells about four random crime stories based on real events that spread out in some places in China. The English title is likely an Easter egg to 1971’s wuxia […]

Much Ado About Nothing (2013)


This reimagining of Much Ado About Nothing is elegantly classic but accessible—without ignoring the original language that stays intact. Whedon creates an alluring illusion of lo-fi cinema with what comes with his big idea; such a great score to clean the grand palette of his exuberant Avengers assemble.

Snowpiercer (2013)


A serious sleeper-hit—a social commentary film about social class crafted elegantly in a metaphor of an ‘end-of-the-world’ train. Everything’s beautifully design (without attempting to be realistic) as it reminds me to Terry Gilliam’s Brazil only with a more straightforward plot and twists.