INSTAGRAM REVIEWS: Coherence (2014); Borgman (2014); Once (2006); Monsters (2010)

Sinekdoks is now on instagram (@sinekdoks) posting short reviews with only 3-5 sentences in a review (summarizing the final verdict only). With currently little followers, I decided to post the short reviews here with the link to the instagram posts. So, sinekdoks presents you these 4 instagram reviews of enigmatic sci-fi gem, Coherence (2014); Dutch surreal-horror, Borgman (2014); beautiful modern-musical, Once (2006); and inventive monster-invasion thriller, Monsters (2010).

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Into the Woods (2014) – Review

Careful the wish you make, wishes are children…” The Witch sang.

Oscar-caliber director, Rob Marshall (Chicago, Nine, Memoirs of Geisha) did Avengers on some lovely Brother Grimm’s fairy tales in Disney’s adaptation of Sondheim’s musical Into the Woods. Along with the original writer (Lapine) and composer (Sondheim), the director paved the way into the woods in the corner of Hollywood and Broadway.

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FINALLY SEEN: Laggies (2014) – Review

You can’t keep putting aside what you want for some imaginary future. You’ve gotta suck it up and go with you gut,” said Megan.

Megan (Keira Knightley), stuck in her quarterlife crisis, was overeducated, but ironically, unemployed. She got no certainty—she hesitated to accept her boyfriend’s proposal, even, witnessed her father cheated behind her mother. All pain and no gain, she left and accidentally met Annika (Chloe Grace Moretz), a teenager whose life might inspire Megan. That’s that.

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Beyond the Lights (2014)

Built upon a harsh mother-daughter relationship drama, this modern fairy tale is only good for Gugu Mbatha-Raw’s stellar performance.

Do you want to be a runner up, or do you want to be a winner?” said Macy Jean to her little blackbird.

Gugu Mbatha-Raw really is the main reason I watched Beyond the Lights. There had been an ample of praises of her performance in this film ever since the end of 2014; the thing is, I hadn’t even witnessed any of her performance but a small role in Odd Thomas. Simply, it’s a necessary step she took for her career—to portray a fictional young singer, a rising star, Noni Jean, along with her layered problem.

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A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night (2014)

This is, by far, the most groundbreaking cinematic visions from Iran—the story is as enigmatic as the ideas, yet the implementation of spaghetti western an noir film elements to vampire genre is definitely a poignant touch.

Till the end of your life, I’ll be watching you. Understand?” said the girl who walks home alone at night.

Ana Lily Amirpour showed the world a bold exclamation mark—that Iranian cinema got a thoughtful vision not to be taken for granted. In her debut, A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night, the director combines genre beauties of spaghetti western and elements of noir film into a highly-stylized vampire genre—the first one in Iran.

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Birdman: Or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance) (2014)

This Oscar darlings is a complex character study of people among fame and ambition. What makes it great is, it enhances itself with all cinematic experiences you might probably never see before; and more, the juxtaposition of the character with the actor is as incredible.

People, they love blood. They love action. Not this talky, depressing, philosophical bullshit,” said the Birdman.

Here comes the Oscar darling, who gave Mexico two consecutive best directors and Emmanuel Lubezki two consecutive best cinematographers. With 4 Oscars at hands (including Best Picture) along with 2 other wins at Golden Globes and another at BAFTA, Birdman is, obviously, not a usual film.

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