Almacenados (2015) – BALINALE Review


Review: Jack Zagha Kababie’s Almacenados (a.k.a. Warehoused) houses an absurdly ridiculous two-man show about employment, specifically pre-retirement syndrome, in an empty warehouse, hence the title. Set in a warehouse located in a Mexican suburb, the drama-comedy revolves on the last five working days of Mr. Lino (José Carlos Ruiz), an old, diligent employee, and first […]

La Tête Haute / Standing Tall (2015): Rantai hukum untuk si l’enfant terrible


Review: La Tête Haute a.k.a. Standing Tall – yang mendapat 8 nominasi César Awards dan memenangkan 2 d antaranya – adalah sebuah perjalanan panjang dan melelahkan di balik proses hukum untuk kasus juvenile delinquency atau kenakalan remaja. Perjalanan panjang tersebut direfleksikan dalam kehidupan sang l’enfant terrible sekaligus orang-orang terdekatnya di tengah proses hukum yang berliku. Proses […]

Straight Outta Compton (2015) – Short Review


Review: Exactly mirroring violent, candid, and depressing lyrics of gangsta rap behemoth, N.W.A a.k.a Niggaz Wit Attitudes, Straight Outta Compton is an unapologetic biopic of 5 Compton buddies rising from crime-laden suburb into million-dollar worth popularity. F. Gary Gray’s directorial attempt is explicitly brutal and confident. However, the script seems loose in containing ‘what it meant to […]

Best of 2015: Films


With all the glam and hype, 2015 is a very exquisite movie year. Unlike previous years, which saw the rise of young adult novel adaptations and superhero movies, 2015 saw a completely different constellation. From the rise of espionage movies (from highest score for MI5 to the lowest for Mortdecai), the return of dormant classic […]

Best of 2015: Performances


Similar to the same list in 2014, I do not fancy classification in acting department. No leading and supporting, although – without question – they’re essential; no male and female, the way Chris Rock put amen to it during his Oscar opening monologue. Among hundreds of splendid, vigorous performances in 2015, I narrowed it down […]

Best of 2015: Scenes & Posters


Needless to say, 2015 is full of cinematic beauty radiated in thousand minutes we saw. This list is dedicated to the most radiant of them all – to some minutes which might not be able to Best Picture a movie, but might steal some best celebrated moments in cinema. Since it’s a list of specific […]

Spotlight (2015) – Review


Review: Tom McCarthy’s Oscar contender follows a special investigation team under ‘The Boston Globe’ in unraveling a circle of child abuse in the Catholic Church. Based on a very harrowing, bitter fact, Spotlight honestly delivers it in a Best Original Screenplay spirit that re-transcends journalism movie into radar. Spotlight highlights the early coverage of Boston […]

Siti (2015) – Review


Review: Siti might flaunt an award-bait starter pack—black-and-white cinematography; pretentious 4:3 aspect ratio; beautifully choreographed long, tracking shots—on the surface, but all of those are no further than a meaningful cover to an intense character study which lies within. Before the soaring waves of Parangtritis—one of the most famous beaches in Yogyakarta, Indonesia—Siti clamors a rambunctious protest. […]

Room (2015) – Review


Review: Impossible not to love Room for what it delivers: a profoundly heart-wrenching mother-and-son drama and a showcase of heart-throbbing performances by Oscar nominee, Brie Larson, and Jacob Tremblay. Room, at its core, is a partial survival story; with the other part—which dominates most—is a borderless motherly love story. The story revolves around the life […]