Best of 2016: Films

For all the flops and the bombs, and all the hypes and all the vibes, 2016 was an offbeat year for films. The year witnessed the falls of mega-franchise and sequels, but also saw the rises of smaller-scale gems. Controversy engulfed films on-screen and off-screen culminating in series of backlash to Oscars contenders; but, compassion has won over the fatigue audiences with the dormant genres awakening—say, musical, children literature and satire.

Among the finest gems of the year, Sinekdoks has hand-picked the top 20 films watched between the period of January 30, 2016 to January 28, 2017. While the numbers of films Sinekdoks has declined into 150 new films by the end of period, 2016 is still a very merry year with 13 films achieving 4 stars and around 20 others achieving 3.5 stars. Here’s the the list of Best Films of 2016 (with top 5 runner-ups)! Continue reading “Best of 2016: Films”


Best of 2016: Biggest Misses

This is a new category on my Best of Year series. Biggest Misses of the year is an answer to some frequently asked questions asking about some films, which aren’t on the list. It’s the list of my biggest regret of the year for not having able to watch these films, which turns out great in 2016… and here’s 20 Biggest Misses of 2016! Continue reading “Best of 2016: Biggest Misses”

Best of 2016: Performances

My most favorite list in a year is always: Best Performances. It’s a list dedicated to the year’s most fascinating acting performances—as usual, I made this list without classification. There’s no leading or supporting category; there’s no male or female category; there’s no young or veteran category; there’s even space for screen-stealers. Among the most vigorous performances in 2016, here’s my list of 15 Best Performances of 2016! Continue reading “Best of 2016: Performances”

Best of 2016: Scenes, Posters & Quotes

Details in films are sometimes making us remember a film longer than the whole film itself. Year 2016 shares a lot of cinematic moments that makes us wants to watch more films. Scenes, quotes and posters become important details for us to celebrate films, whether we ends up liking the whole film or not. Continue reading “Best of 2016: Scenes, Posters & Quotes”

Best of 2016: Movie Music Moments

To start Sinekdoks’ Best of 2016 series, let’s start with Best Movie Music Moments – a new category I picked for this year. The reason is simple: I am a music fan like everyone else and, usually, my yearly Best Scene lists contained one or two music moments, hence this category.

This is a list dedicated to some minutes in movies whose groove gets us into sing along and/or dance along. To the beats, to the lyrics, to the voice, and to the harmony, I root my 10 best music moments in the 2016 movies. Some moments might lead to spoiler. Read at your own risk and do not forget to comment after reading. Continue reading “Best of 2016: Movie Music Moments”

Best of 2016, So Far…

Usually, the ‘good movies’ which make the final best-of-the-year lists would not be coming out before September or October or what so called ‘Award Season.’ Meanwhile, the year’s most fun movies would only be unleashed during the summer time, which apparently starts with the end of the first semester.

Lucky, I have found and watched a handful of movies, which could make into a small, possibly best 15 of 2016 so far. For my complete and comprehensive movie diaries, you can check my Letterboxd, which helps counting all movies I’ve watched so far; as for this year, the counters only hits 64 movies.

So, here’s list of Best movies of 2016 so far (by June 30) presented in chronological order with one-word review.  Continue reading “Best of 2016, So Far…”