Best of 2017: TV Series

Here are Sinekdoks’ 9 best TV series of 2017.

During 2017, Sinekdoks finished up 35 titles of TV series out of 38 titles watched with 26 titles are new series premiered during the year (Check out all the titles here!). It was a massive number of titles for me since I usually only finished up 10-15 titles in a year. Netflix contributed to the increasing numbers with total 19 titles streamed via the platform. Continue reading “Best of 2017: TV Series”


Best of 2017: Films

Here are Sinekdoks’ 20 best films of 2017.

Unlike previous years, 2017 was actually saving us a great year of cinematic history. While the award seasons seem cool without overly strong contenders, the year actually gave us a diverse, colorful series of cinematic wonders. We saw the rise of new forces, new auteurs and recognition to minority-group filmmakers, including the whole new face of women’s cinema and the answers to the #SoWhite campaign. We also saw how scandals and the massive expose that followed turned Hollywood upside down. Yet, for whatever happened in the industry, cinematic world did not cease to amuse us with the wonders, hence this list of 2017 best films. Continue reading “Best of 2017: Films”