Hidden Figures (2017) – Review


Review: There were three African-American women working at NASA in circa 1960s and helping the institution sending man into space, winning the space competitions against the Soviets. Not everyone knows about that fact (me neither, in fact), until Hidden Figures comes and opens people’s eyes in the era where this substantial revelation is relevant. However, […]

Bleed for This (2017) – Review


Review: You might not be familiar with Vinny Pazienza’s miraculous story dubbed as the ‘greatest comeback in sports history,’ but, after 5 minutes, Bleed for This will give you clear head-ups. The story comfortably fashions itself as a cliché-ridden based-on-true-events boxer’s story, which feels as text-bookish as it could be. However, clichés are no match […]

Hacksaw Ridge (2016) – Review


Review: There’s a sense of accomplishment embarks after watching Mel Gibson’s comeback, Hacksaw Ridge; a contention knowing that ‘faith’ eventually found a path to a Hollywood spectacle in its most honest manifestation. As much as it is a celebration of technical achievement, this off-beat war film is also a real-world answer to Gibson’s first two […]

Snowden (2016) – Review


Review: What happen between Joseph Gordon Levitt, biopics, and some subjects which have previously won Oscars for Best Documentary? He did a Phillipe Petit’s impersonation for Robert Zemeckis in The Walk (2015) following an Oscar winning Man on Wire of the same subject. He did it again—an impersonation of Edward Snowden for the sleeping giant, […]

Sully (2016) – Review


Review: Clint Eastwood returns to the game with humble patriotism drama with Sully, a feat which immediately reminds me to American Sniper. Dealing with modern unsung heroes of America, both biopics do not exuberantly show off to unravel their inner strength. Sully centers around Captain Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger (effortlessly, Tom Hanks), an unforeseen national hero unofficially […]

Sully (2016): Pendaratan pelan tapi mulus dari Eastwood dan Hank


Review Sully: Clint Eastwood kembali menghadirkan patriotisme yang humble lewat drama terbarunya Sully yang membuat segera teringat akan American Sniper. Sama-sama berkisah tentang unsung hero modern, kedua biopic ini tak berusaha tampil mewah untuk dapat mengunjukkan kekuatan utamanya. Sully berfokus pada Kapten Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger (effortlessly Tom Hanks), yang seketika memperoleh predikat pahlawan nasional karena keberhasilannya mendaratkan pesawatnya yang rusak secara darurat di Sungai […]

Straight Outta Compton (2015) – Short Review


Review: Exactly mirroring violent, candid, and depressing lyrics of gangsta rap behemoth, N.W.A a.k.a Niggaz Wit Attitudes, Straight Outta Compton is an unapologetic biopic of 5 Compton buddies rising from crime-laden suburb into million-dollar worth popularity. F. Gary Gray’s directorial attempt is explicitly brutal and confident. However, the script seems loose in containing ‘what it meant to […]

Spotlight (2015) – Review


Review: Tom McCarthy’s Oscar contender follows a special investigation team under ‘The Boston Globe’ in unraveling a circle of child abuse in the Catholic Church. Based on a very harrowing, bitter fact, Spotlight honestly delivers it in a Best Original Screenplay spirit that re-transcends journalism movie into radar. Spotlight highlights the early coverage of Boston […]