Wonder Woman (2017) – Review


Review: At one point, we might see Wonder Woman as the real biggest gamble ever in recent superhero film spree. There are myriads of dire reasons that made this DC entry’s stake even bigger than Marvel’s first Guardians of the Galaxy and Dr. Strange combined. First, DCEU has previously been ill-started with several ill-fated attempts. Second, […]

Suicide Squad (2016): Semoga bukan suicide mission untuk DCEU


Review Suicide Squad: Anggap saja DC dan Warner Bros salah mengartikan warisan Nolan lewat trilogy The Dark Knight yaitu atmosfernya yang gelap dan muram (meskipun pendekatannya lebih grounded ke realitas); DC Extended Universe mungkin masih punya secerca harapan lewat Suicide Squad. Tapi, sayang, bukan itu ceritanya. Sangat ingin rasanya menyukai Suicide Squad sepenuhnya. Dalam dunia penuh film […]

Suicide Squad (2016) – Review


Review: Say DC and Warner Bros misinterpret the legacy of Nolan’s The Dark Knight trilogy for its dark, bleak, and sorrowful atmosphere albeit more grounded approach to reality; DC Extended Universe might still have a spark of hope in eccentrically dark Suicide Squad to save the ship from sinking after Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice […]

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016)


Review: Jolly-cheered by fans upon early screenings, but immediately lambasted by critics as soon as review embargo was lifted, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice has taken a steep road to start. For a movie with a life-time burden, Batman v Superman (BvS) somehow ‘bites more than they can chew.’ Since the beginning, BvS has been projected […]