Justice League (2017) – Review

DC has found its fun serum that does no justice

Review: Let’s break down Justice League into good news and bad news first. The good news is Justice League shows that DC has actually learned how to concoct a story out of their metahumans (yes, for them, the word ‘superhero’ is overrated) extensively since Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, and how to sweeten up their preferably dark universe with proper humors, too, ever since Suicide Squad. While the bad news: the good news only slightly helps the film from being a total mess.

Following rave reviews showering Patty Jenkins’ Wonder Woman and news of reshoots along with post-production galore to Avengers’ helmer, Joss Whedon, expectation flown high on how Justice League would finally do the justice to DC. At some points, it might live up the expectation; thanks to balance between Zack Snyder’s grim visions and Whedon’s holly jolly. Snyder, who left during post-production, still gets the sole director billing for his extensive work; but, we know that it’s Whedon who invents and injects the fun-serum. The cahoots result in a fun, energetic, light and more accessible crowdpleaser using DC’s properties. Regardless, Justice League apparently not a back-to-back victory. Continue reading “Justice League (2017) – Review”


Wonder Woman (2017) – Review

Review: At one point, we might see Wonder Woman as the real biggest gamble ever in recent superhero film spree. There are myriads of dire reasons that made this DC entry’s stake even bigger than Marvel’s first Guardians of the Galaxy and Dr. Strange combined.

First, DCEU has previously been ill-started with several ill-fated attempts. Second, there are doubts about Gal Gadot’s capability to lead as main character. In addition, Patty Jenkins’ reputation as the first female director to helm a superhero film with female protagonist did not seem to give security, albeit she used to direct Charlize Theron to her Oscar win. But, that’s before Wonder Woman saves the day and brings DCEU back to game. Continue reading “Wonder Woman (2017) – Review”

Suicide Squad (2016): Semoga bukan suicide mission untuk DCEU

Review Suicide Squad: Anggap saja DC dan Warner Bros salah mengartikan warisan Nolan lewat trilogy The Dark Knight yaitu atmosfernya yang gelap dan muram (meskipun pendekatannya lebih grounded ke realitas); DC Extended Universe mungkin masih punya secerca harapan lewat Suicide Squad. Tapi, sayang, bukan itu ceritanya.

Sangat ingin rasanya menyukai Suicide Squad sepenuhnya. Dalam dunia penuh film superhero saat ini, ide yang dihadirkan DC sangat segar dan berbeda dari produk studio manapun: Mengumpulkan para penjahat DC untuk mengerjakan tugas yang seharusnya dilakukan jagoan macam Batman atau Superman. Terlebih, sutradara David Ayer menghadirkan kembali atmosfer gelap – kambing hitamnya BvS – dengan twist yang kuat.

Dunia penuh humor urakan yang nyaris mendobrak rating PG-13 dibalut visual yang kontras serta anarkisme yang totalitas seharusnya bisa menjadi jawaban Ayer untuk humor Marvel yang lebih lite. Dunia yang dihadirkan Ayer bagaikan hibrida nihilism a la Deadpool, keunikan Guardians of the Galaxy serta olok-olokan untuk Avengers (atau bahkan Justice League?). Kedengarannya memang sangar, menantang, dan “jahat”… tapi cuma di awalnya. Cuma di permukaan. Continue reading “Suicide Squad (2016): Semoga bukan suicide mission untuk DCEU”

Suicide Squad (2016) – Review

Review: Say DC and Warner Bros misinterpret the legacy of Nolan’s The Dark Knight trilogy for its dark, bleak, and sorrowful atmosphere albeit more grounded approach to reality; DC Extended Universe might still have a spark of hope in eccentrically dark Suicide Squad to save the ship from sinking after Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice got lambasted a while ago. Yet, that’s not the story.

I wanted so bad to like Suicide Squad. It has a completely fresh idea like no other studios ever done before, in this lucrative season of superhero films: assembling the most notorious comic book villains to do a job that Superman or Batman supposed to do. Moreover, writer/director David Ayer (End of Watch, Fury) reintroduces the dark and gritty atmosphere, the scapegoat of BvS’s free fall, as a powerful message with a twist.

A world full of filthy and out-of-the zone humor with vibrant visuals and total anarchy is supposed to be an Ayer’s answer to Marvel’s irreverent humor. It’s a hybrid world of nihilistic spasms a la Deadpool, quirkiness of Guardian of the Galaxy and a mockery to typical hero-assemble trend. It sounds badass; it feels menacing; and it looks evil… only at the beginning. Continue reading “Suicide Squad (2016) – Review”

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016)

Review: Jolly-cheered by fans upon early screenings, but immediately lambasted by critics as soon as review embargo was lifted, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice has taken a steep road to start. For a movie with a life-time burden, Batman v Superman (BvS) somehow ‘bites more than they can chew.’

Since the beginning, BvS has been projected as a multi-tasking story. Setting up the greatest superhero battle in history for a kick-starter of DC Extended Universe (counterpart of Marvel Cinematic Universe) is obviously the one. More, it was announced as a continuation of Zack Snyder’s ground-flatting Man of Steel (2013) with Batman 2.0, which is not Christopher Nolan’s. In addition, BvS also becomes a vault to contain and/or introduce other Justice League members before they unite in 2017.  Continue reading “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016)”