Review: The Divine Fury (2019)

0 Ahn Sung-ki & Park Seo-joon in The Divine Fury (2019)

Midnight Runners‘ director, Kim Joo-hwan returns with a new blockbuster that reunites him with the Runners’ star, Park Seo-joon. Combining the corniest elements of exorcism horror and comical action-hero tropes, The Divine Fury is a gothic action fantasy which immediately reminds us of Constantine minus the angelic apparitions. From spiritual imagery of Catholicism, priests chanting […]

Review: Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark (2019)

0 Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark (2019)

Guillermo del Toro writes and produces a horror story based on Alan Schwartz’s children horror potpourri, Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark, catering his own nightmarish vision about a story that reads people, instead of being read. Helmed by André Øvredal (whose horror portfolio includes folk fantasy-horror, Trollhunters, and the downright claustrophobic, supernatural horror, […]

Review Ma (2019)

0 Ma-2019

Octavia Spencer portrays a mysterious, middle-aged woman who seems to be battling loneliness in Ma, a social thriller by Tate Taylor, the director of The Help—in which she won her Oscar. Spencer is terrific at full length; Taylor’s direction is unquestionably intense; yet, Ma isn’t the kind of movie that will make the collaboration thrives. […]

Review Child’s Play (2019)

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Acknowledge it that the classic Child’s Play story about a doll possessed by an evil spirit brought in life by voodoo spell is a thirty-year-old horror story—older than most millennials. After spawning six sequels and popularizing Chucky as one of the most iconic horror villains, the franchise finally follows the step of other horror classics […]