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Arrival (2016) – Review

Review: In Arrival, 12 extraterrestrial saucers mysteriously appear and float above 12 different places around the Earth. Clueless of what they may encounter, humanity quickly falls into fears and turmoil. A linguistic professor, Dr. Louise Banks (Amy Adams) is summoned into an alien site nearby to decipher the alien’s alleged language, to prevent mass hysteria that might lead to a war of the world.

David Villeneuve, director of acclaimed grim thrillers (from Incendies to Sicario), picks up where other ‘first-contact’ predecessors (i.e., The Day the Earth Stood Still or Independence Day) have established and neutralizes it, making it more ambiguous in terms of the hazard. Arrival is presented as a new non-patronizing and non-preachy cerebral sci-fi detailing an mind-bending approach to allegedly alien invasion. Continue reading Arrival (2016) – Review


Hangout (2016): Hanging out with Death

Review: In Raditya Dika’s Hangout, a mysterious host invites 9 Indonesian foremost celebrities to a lush resort in a remote island for three days with no definite reason. Thinking it is as a secret casting invitation, those 9 brats are coming around.

Among those 9 stars, versatile Indonesian director/poker-faced actor/writer/stand-up comedian/YouTube personality, Raditya Dika lurks around after being financially indebted. Along with Dika, Soleh Solihun, a stand-up comedian turned disastrous reality show presenter, also came while holding grudge to Dika for making him losing a role for box office hit called Korea Forever. Aside from the frenemy, other celebs i.e, veteran Mathias Muchus, flamboyant Surya Saputra, adventurousTiti Kamal, filthy Dinda Kanya Dewi, Gading Marten, YouTube vlogger Bayu Skak and teenage star Prilly Latuconsina, are coming for the invitation.

What started off as a tropical dream and a little inner circle reunion suddenly turns into massacre when body counts start to rise. A mysterious killer is targeting those Indonesian stars, one by one, for a reason nobody bloody knows. Continue reading Hangout (2016): Hanging out with Death

The Girl on the Train (2016) – Review

Review: Paula Hawkins’ The Girl on the Train is reasonably dubbed as Gone Girl of 2015 when it became a bestselling phenomena awhile ago for sharing some mutual qualities with Gillian Flynn’s. Both are being written by former-journalist female authors, describing specific girls on the title, involving missing girls, devising unreliable narrators, and being bestselling thrillers.

When Gone Girl results in a compelling adaptation by David Fincher, the odds are high for Paula Hawkins’ to be adapted into silver screen. Yet, this time, The Girl on the Train adaptation simply is not the Gone Girl of 2016 if you might expect. Continue reading The Girl on the Train (2016) – Review

The Nice Guys (2016) – Review

Review: Glad to witness writer-director Shane Black returns to genre which made his name. While Iron Man 3 becomes his breakthrough, his name really was made during the 80s and the 90s as screenwriter of cruchiest hardboiled action flicks, i.e., Lethal Weapon, The Last Boy Scout or Last Action Hero.

In 2005, Black directed his debut with LA neo-noir, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. His new feature, The Nice Guys, works as a resume to sum the best of his filmography. Besides, it marks his return to the jungle of LA glams – now in the 70s. Also, he returns to his imbalance buddy formula as in Lethal Weapon. Only this one is much more lite, neater and more hilarious. Continue reading The Nice Guys (2016) – Review

The Nice Guys (2016): Kembalinya Shane Black ke LA dan hardboiled action

Review The Nice Guys: Senang rasanya melihat sutradara-penulis naskah, Shane Black, kembali ke jalur yang membesarkan namanya. Ia mungkin lebih dikenal sebagai sutradara Iron Man 3; tapi, jauh sebelum itu, ia sudah duluan bersinar di dekade 80an dan 90an sebagai penulis naskah film-film hardboiled action paling renyah, macam Lethal Weapon, The Last Boy Scout atau Last Action Hero.

Baru di tahun 2005, Black menyutradari debutnya lewat neo-noir ber-setting LA-nya, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. Film terbarunya, The Nice Guys, sendiri seperti sebuah resume yang merangkum bagian-bagian terbaik dari filmografinya. Selain, menandai kembalinya Black ke belantara glamornya LA—yang kini bersetting 70an; di film ini, ia juga kembali menduetkan partner kerja yang tak sepadan (cc: Lethal Weapon). Hanya saja, yang satu ini lebih ringan, lebih rapi dan lebih hilarious. Continue reading The Nice Guys (2016): Kembalinya Shane Black ke LA dan hardboiled action

The Wailing / 곡성 (2016): Calon film cult Korea yang getir

Review The Wailing: Sebuah kota kecil di Korea dihantui wabah mengerikan yang tak hanya mematikan bagi korbannya, namun juga menjadikannya homicidal. Seorang polisi lokal, Sersan Jong-gu (Kwak Do-won), yang plin-plan dan inept, ditugaskan untuk menginvestigasi kasus pembunuhan yang dilakukan korban wabah tersebut.

Saat pembunuhan dengan motif serupa kembali terjadi, kecurigaan mengarah kepada seorang pendatang dari Jepang (Jun Kunimura). Dan ketika putri Jong-gu allegedly terjangkit wabah yang sama, ia tak bisa tinggal diam. Tanpa sepengetahuannya, bahaya yang lebih besar tengah mengintai kota itu.

Horror hibrida karya auteur Na Hong-jin (The Yellow Sea dan The Chaser) ini tak segan-segan menampilkan 150 menit penuh tanda tanya sekaligus perasaan tidak nyaman luar biasa. The Wailing tak seperti film horror manapun yang pernah ada. Continue reading The Wailing / 곡성 (2016): Calon film cult Korea yang getir