Rings (2017) – Review

Review: When Julia (Matilda Lutz) finds out that her boyfriend (Alex Roe) gets involved in the cycle of “killing videotape” of Samara Morgan from The Ring (2002), she willingly sacrifices herself by watching a copy of the videotape. While waiting for seven-day trial to end, she begins receiving strange metaphysical messages from the behind-the-video entity, which apparently has a hidden agenda for her.

The most obvious problem of Rings is: it attempts to reenact what the first Western Ring excels in. It questionably copies the repetitive cycle and add some superfluous backstory. Viewers of The Ring and sequel have already been too familiar – in other words, fed up – about it; and new viewers will find it worn-off in only 15 minutes in. Yet, what’s most problematic of it all is: it’s not scary at all. Continue reading “Rings (2017) – Review”


Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: Sword of Destiny (2016): Memangnya Bible perlu dibuat sekuel?

Review Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: Sword of Destiny:  Sejatinya, Ang Lee membuat Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon selayaknya menulis sajak Tiongkok kuno tentang cinta, kehormatan dan ‘jalan pedang.’  Selain alurnya yang menghipnotis, diksi-diksi yang indah tertuang dalam visual panache-nya, rima-rima yang melagu merdu tertuang dalam koreografinya, filosofi membijaksan dalam setiap dialognya, sementara imajeri-imajeri pun berjejalan memberi konteks dan simbolisme.

Perlu waktu 16 tahun dan Netflix untuk akhirnya melanjutkan kisah yang telah lama ditinggalkan ini. Wo-Ping Yuen, sutradara sekaligus aktor wuxia gaek dari Tiongkok, didapuk untuk menyutradari sekuel berbahasa Inggris ini. Ya, berbahasa inggris. Continue reading “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: Sword of Destiny (2016): Memangnya Bible perlu dibuat sekuel?”

Allegiant (2016) – Review

Review: Allegiant is basically a letdown to Divergent franchise, even generally to young adult dystopian adaptations. It fails shortly to prove that a 2-part finale is worth to every series; instead, it proves that it’s a worn-off one. Had Allegiant taken liberty to explore more plot possibilities, the series might still have a decent penultimate.

Taking off sharp from the event on Insurgent, Allegiant follows series’ protagonist, Tris (Shaylene Woodley), with her fellow insurgents as they attempt to escape from wall-bordered Chicago into the outside world. As it turns out, the world on the other side of the wall is a Mad Max-esque wasteland—sorta biochemical-laden desert, in which they’re found by the Bureau of Genetic Welfare led by David (Jeff Daniels), who has an agenda about humanity.  Continue reading “Allegiant (2016) – Review”

Fantastic Four (2015) – Review

You made it ugly,” Reed accused Harvey.

To boldly say, the latest Fantastic Four (the third installment since 2005) is obviously not a good movie.

Getting snubbed by critics before its international release, then ‘flop’ symptoms at opening box office, then director Josh Trank’s self-defense: LEGIT PROOFS.

This is not the first time Fantastic Four failed to shine, but this one is obviously ridiculous. Yet, please notice: IT ISN’T ABOUT THE CASTING! The casting was okay; no problem with Human Torch’s being an afro-American, the movie found a fine way to solve that. There are some other points. Continue reading “Fantastic Four (2015) – Review”

Dracula Untold (2014)

When Dracula goes Maleficent, he loses his charm with dull and bleak backstory that makes this classic villain lame. Dracula Untold finally serves as a solace to Game of Thrones fans and a warming up for The Hobbit fans; it’ll be better if it’s left untold.

They do not fear of swords; they fear of monsters,” said Vlad Tepes.

Continue reading “Dracula Untold (2014)”