Review Child’s Play (2019)

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Acknowledge it that the classic Child’s Play story about a doll possessed by an evil spirit brought in life by voodoo spell is a thirty-year-old horror story—older than most millennials. After spawning six sequels and popularizing Chucky as one of the most iconic horror villains, the franchise finally follows the step of other horror classics […]

Ghostbusters (2016) – Review


Review: Being lambasted with slimy, cynical criticism even ways before its official release might be a notorious achievement Ghostbusters reboot must atone. It all centers in Paul Feig’s decision to cast an all-female team as the new ghostbusters. Flood of sexist mockeries and Youtube dislikes crowned it as the most hated pre-screened film. Yet, rest assured, […]

Ghostbusters (2016): Gender-reversed reboot yang tetap seru dan slimy


Review Ghostbusters:  Belum juga rilis, reboot Ghostbusters sudah dihujani lendir nyinyiran dahsyat dari netizen. Sumber utamanya adalah keputusan Paul Feig meng-cast 4 pemeran utama perempuan sebagai tim Ghostbusters-nya. Sindiran bernada sexist dan banjiran dislikes sukses membuat reboot ini most hated pre-screened film. Tapi, rest assured, sindiran sinis itu tak benar-benar terbukti; Ghostbusters justru menjadi film yang […]

Fantastic Four (2015) – Review


“You made it ugly,” Reed accused Harvey. To boldly say, the latest Fantastic Four (the third installment since 2005) is obviously not a good movie. Getting snubbed by critics before its international release, then ‘flop’ symptoms at opening box office, then director Josh Trank’s self-defense: LEGIT PROOFS. This is not the first time Fantastic Four […]

Terminator Genisys (2015) – Review


“Old… but not obsolete,” Pop explained itself. The Terminator is getting old, but it refuses to get old. Genisys still makes a vast Terminator films although its time-travel narratives mostly undo the original wonder and its excessive nods to the predecessor makes it drown in nostalgia. James Cameron’s dark, future thriller, The Terminator, has aged, […]

Mad Max: Fury Road (2015) – Review


“It was hard to know who was more crazy, me or everyone else?” asked Max. Infused with striking visuals and Oz-pera metal riffs, Fury Road was like a 3-minute progressive death metal anthem itself—with excessive drum solo and versatile guitar distortion. It was straight-forward, violent, but philosophically enticing.