A Day (2017) – Review


Review: The idea of reliving the same day in a loop a la Groundhog Day gets a South Korean treatment in Cho Sun-ho’s (writer of Killer Toon) directorial debut, A Day (a.k.a. Ha-roo). When I said ‘South Korean treatment’, it means that this film has some touch of melodrama and another shade of revenge thriller […]

Bluebeard (2017) – BALINALE Review


Review: South Korean female director, Lee Soo-youn (The Untitled) showcases her admiration to Alfred Hitchcock as she borrows the auteur’s cinematic style to present her later thriller, Bluebeard. It’s a story about a divorced colonoscopist who recently moved to neighborhood dubbed as ‘the mecca of serial killing’ only to find himself tangled in a new chain […]

Midnight Runners (2017) – Review


Review: In Midnight Runners, writer-director Johan Kim recycles classic buddy cop tropes into a same-old-brand-new comedy-thriller, which benefits from chemistry of the leads, Park Seo-joon and Kang Ha-neul. It’s indeed a heroic story of two South Korean cop trainees, but, it’s also simply funny, entertaining, action-packed and sweet at the same time. Gi-joon (Seo-joon) and Hee-yeol […]

Okja (2017) – Review


Review: Whoever thought that Netflix and its streaming-giant comrades are not part of ‘future of the cinema’ should watch Bong Joon-ho’s (Memories of Murders, Snowpiercer) latest work, Okja—a feat endorsed by Netflix which sparked controversy in the 70th Cannes Film Festival. Joon-ho’s second international feature evidently demonstrates what would happen if an auteur is funded to […]

Train to Busan (2016) – Review


Review: It was all rooting to a satire towards consumerism, as proclaimed by George Romero, zombie sub-genre has evolved to become an opposite phenomenon: a box office digger. World War Z is a fine example of such phenomenon; and what happened to South Korean zombie apocalypse hit shows a similar symptom.  Apparently, director Yeon Sang-ho delivers […]

Train to Busan (2016): Serangan zombie Korea yang doyan makan hati


Review Train to Busan: Berawal dari sindiran terhadap sifat konsumerisme, seperti diproklamirkan George Romero; sub-genre zombie telah menjelma menjadi fenomena yang justru sebaliknya: pengeruk keuntungan box office. Lihat saja pencapaian World War Z! Dan kini fenomena yang sama terjadi di Korea Selatan. Sutradara Yeon Sang-ho menghadirkan zombie apocalypse klaustrofobik di dalam sebuah kereta menuju puncak box office domestik. Sejak dari […]