Logan (2017) – Review


Review: Imperceptibly, it’s been 17 years since then-relatively-unknown Oz actor, Hugh Jackman, was casted as Wolverine in Bryan Singer’s X-Men. The character’s popularity among fans and Jackman’s nuanced performance have made Wolverine more popular to the extent that this character has become the backbone of X-Men cinematic universe making a trinity with Professor Xavier and […]

The LEGO Batman Movie (2017) – Review


Review: After hitchhiking and helping to save the day in The LEGO Movie (2014), Will Arnett’s self-obsessed Batman finally gets promoted to his own spotlight as the lead role. In his solo, brick-world spin-off, The LEGO Batman Movie, Batman is the feeling-less, insensitive, heavy metal and beat box loving, lone vigilante of more-vibrant-and-frenetic-than-Tim-Burton’s Gotham. However, he’s […]

Finding Dory (2016) – Review


There was a tale about a father who goes voyaging across the ocean only to find his missing son; that moving tale is sweetly narrated by Pixar into Finding Nemo (2003). It was a story of parental bond, specifically a father-son bond; however, the show-stealer was apparently not the main characters. It was instead a […]

Finding Dory (2016): Kisah tak terlupakan dari si ikan pelupa. Eh, kisah apa tadi?


Pernah ada kisah luar biasa tentang seorang ayah yang berpetualang mencari anaknya yang hilang sampai ke ujung samudera; kisah itu dituturkan dengan manis oleh Pixar melalui mahakaryanya, Finding Nemo (2003). Kisah itu memang tentang parental bond yang menyentuh; namun, bintang kisah itu justru bukanlah tokoh utamanya, melainkan seorang (or seekor) sidekick: seekor ikan biru pelupa […]

Creed (2015) – Review


Review: Similar to The Force Awakens, one doesn’t have to be an adept viewer of Sylvester Stallone’s Rocky saga to love Ryan Coogler’s Creed. Yet, those who have known ‘The Italian Stallion’ might find Creed familiarly intriguing since it feels nostalgic and fresh at once. While Rocky Balboa (2009) gives clear-cut indication that Rocky’s tenure […]