Review: Perburuan (2019)

0 Review Perburuan (2019) - Adipati Dolken

The story of Perburuan spawns during the moment of captivity. Pramoedya Ananta Toer silently and secretly wrote the manuscript in his dark, damp cell during post-independence aggression by Dutch. The narrative, however, sets during the late period of Japanese occupation, following the life of fugitive hiding in the plain sight as a beggar. Along with […]

Hacksaw Ridge (2016) – Review


Review: There’s a sense of accomplishment embarks after watching Mel Gibson’s comeback, Hacksaw Ridge; a contention knowing that ‘faith’ eventually found a path to a Hollywood spectacle in its most honest manifestation. As much as it is a celebration of technical achievement, this off-beat war film is also a real-world answer to Gibson’s first two […]

Eye in the Sky (2016) – Review


Review:  The U.K., U.S.A. and Kenya join forces in a mission to capture top-tier Al-Shabaab extremists meeting in Nairobi, Kenya. At surface, this looks like a war movie; but, director Gavin Hood (X-Men Origins: Wolverine) actually only devices a girl who sells bread to craft Eye in the Sky into this year’s most dilemmatic and taut thriller. Col. Katherine Powell […]

Macbeth (2015) – Review


Review: Macbeth, or better call it The Scottish play, isn’t only Shakespeare’s most straight-forward troupe, but also the direst and most superstitious—with plenty of harrowing imagery and the real-life curse. Australian director, Justin Kurzel, is seemingly persistent to be faithful to the source when adapting Macbeth in his 110-minute long adaptation of Shakespeare’s short tragedy. […]

Fury (2014)


With good chemistry between the A-listers in casts led by Brad Pitt’s comeback to Nazi hunting business, Fury convincingly depicts the horror of WW II through well-choreographed tank battle. Although some cliches in plot and over-the-top celebration of the violent bloodshed sometimes bother, the suspense lasts for the whole duration.

300: Rise of an Empire (2014)


What makes 300: Rise of an Empire more than a banal sequel or prequel is: the fact that it’s not just a sequel or prequel—it’s both and mostly a sidequel. All praises go to the works of production design, costumes, well-choreographed action scenes and hyper-stylized Slo-Mo CGI—to proceed the original classic. Thanks to Snyder and Eva Green.