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 About Sinekdoks

The word sinekdoks /si-nɛk-dɑks/ is coined from three Indonesian words—sinema (cinema), sinekdoke (synecdoche), and paradoks (paradox). Meaning to say, cinema is a vault in which one can experience synecdoche and paradox at once.

Paskalis Damar


Paskalis is an English Education graduate from Sanata Dharma University, a former language instructor (teaching both English and Bahasa Indonesia), and a Marketing Communication enthusiast. His first blogging experience was facilitated by Friendster back in 2006. He then continued blogging since 2009— jumping sporadically between platforms with various themes and contents. He started blogging about movies in 2013 and established a movie blog that would eventually become sinekdoks. In the beginning, sinekdoks is intended as a writing exercise during his struggle in completing his Sarjana Pendidikan thesis in 2013. Paskalis holds dear the credo in the art of subjectivity.

In 2016, he was nominated and eventually won ‘Kritik Film Terpilih’ in Piala Maya for his write-up on Joko Anwar’s A Copy of My Mind.

In 2017, he was nominated for ‘Blog/Vlog Review Film Terpilih’ in Piala Maya.

PASKALIS DAMAR sees movies the way they are intended to make—to impress, to entertain, to awe-inspire you name it. There’s no intention to influence anyone, save anyone’s pocket, let alone save the industry.

Follow him on Twitter: @sinekdoks and Instagram: @sinekdoks

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