Review Child’s Play (2019)

Acknowledge it that the classic Child’s Play story about a doll possessed by an evil spirit brought in life by voodoo spell is a thirty-year-old horror story—older than most millennials. After spawning six sequels and popularizing Chucky as one of the most iconic horror villains, the franchise finally follows the step of other horror classics […]


Focus: Indonesia

Review Dua Garis Biru (2019)

Gina S. Noer surprisingly flaunts playful imagery and enchanting dialogues to complement the story that, by nature, is powerful—even when the narrative is sometimes overwhelming in Dua Garis Biru.

Review Single Part 2 (2019)

Raditya Dika finds a better rhythm and theme—for the follow-up of his ‘single’ tour de force—that works warmly even when the symptoms of theme’s fatigue become more apparent.

Review Ghost Writer (2019)

Fresh narrative idea and fabulous casts bring warmth to the upraising horror-comedy about a literal ghost writer, that will forever marks Bene Dion Rajagukguk’s directorial effort.

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Focus: Asia

Review Parasite (2019)

Angry Bong Joon-ho illustrate his restlessness towards social gap with a thought-provoking, family tragicomedy that does not look like anything you’ve seen before.

Review Miss & Mrs. Cops / Girl Cops, 걸캅스 (2019)

While rigged with clichés and comical elements, Miss & Mrs. Cops still delivers a fun female buddy-cop action movie with relevant message to current issue in South Korea.

Review The Gangster, the Cop, the Devil / 악인전 (2019)

The line between good and evil is deliberately blurred in this hardcore B-movie that goes too serious that Sylvester Stallone is keen to remake it.

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