Terjebak Nostalgia (2016) – Review

Review: Love is magic… in the world where going to New York from Jakarta is as easy as jumping blocks. It’s the world where Terjebak Nostalgia, a film inspired by Raisa’s song, takes place. This Nicholas Sparks-esque love triangle drama is saccharine-laced, and it’s stick to the title at its entirety.

Terjebak Nostalgia revolves around the life of a rising singer, Raisa (Raisa Andriana), in one of the most bizzare time in her life. She’s in love with her long-time lover, Sora (Maruli Tampubolon), a musician who shares mutual dream with Raisa. In achieving that dream, Sora leaves to New York with a sacred promise to return. Across the ocean, Sora keeps sending perfume-sprayed letters to Raisa, who waits impatiently in Jakarta.

The unexpected happens. Sora never returns to Jakarta; never holds on to his word; never makes the dream coming true. Continue reading Terjebak Nostalgia (2016) – Review

The 2016 Piala Maya Nominations

Piala Maya, also known as Maya Awards, is an annual Indonesian film awards initiated by Indonesian online film enthusiasts. As per 2016, the award hits its fifth run hinted by the picked theme ‘5ELEBRASI’ — a portmanteau of the word ‘selebrasi’ (celebration) and 5.

On November 30, 2016, Piala Maya has announced the list of nominations with total 31 categories, including a new additional category. Athirah leads the race with 13 nominations, followed by the closest contenders, Surat dari Praha (Letters from Prague) and A Copy of My Mind with respectively 11 nominations. Meanwhile, three other films following with 7 nominations are Ada Apa dengan Cinta? 2, Warkop DKI Reborn: Part 1, and Aisyah: Biarkan Kami Bersaudara.

Piala Maya 2016 is special for SINEKDOKS is granted a nomination under ‘Kritik Film Terpilih’ or ‘Acclaimed Film Critics’ for the review A Copy of My Mind (as seen in this post).

Below are the complete list of Piala Maya nominees. Continue reading The 2016 Piala Maya Nominations

Sweet Bean (2015) – JAFF Jogja 2016 Review

Review: Sweet Bean observes a sweet, subtle chemistry between a desperate man with an elderly woman through the making of sweet bean paste for Japanese-classic pancake, dorayaki. Here, sweet bean paste becomes a symbolic connection of present and paste in a frame of troubled people, living in alienation and barely having life. Continue reading Sweet Bean (2015) – JAFF Jogja 2016 Review

Café Society (2016) – Review

Review: Since the acclaimed Annie Hall, writer/director/playwright/stand-up comedian, Woody Allen hasn’t stopped crafting films annually. His latest tenure, Café Society—his 47th film or 39th after his Best Director winning—is a star-studded, light romance set in the 1930s Hollywood, which bears his trademark comic elements and dialogue-heavy narrative.

Café Society bears Allen’s formulaic love story which emanates more than affection but also satire—in this case, to Hollywood as an industry and to the nature of romance itself. While the clever goofiness in Allen’s script is unarguably impressive and his attention to details in direction is astounding, it’s inevitable that, as the story goes, this Allen-esque formula fatigue embarks. Continue reading Café Society (2016) – Review

The Girl with All the Gifts (2016) – Review

Review: There’s a well-known paradox known as Schrödinger Cat, a thought experiment in which a cat is put into a box with a toxic acid that may kill it. While inside the box, without observer, the cat is said to be simultaneously alive and dead. One character in The Girl with All the Gifts mentions about the paradox, while simultaneously posts a most appropriate allegory for this film.

The best way to plunge into The Girl with All the Gifts is knowing less beforehand. Not that it is full of surprises and twists, but the adaptation of Mike Carey’s bestselling novel relies much on its first act which serves as a mind-boggling sci-fi mystery with minimum clue available. The less you know about what this film is about, the more this part crawls along your skin with dozens of question marks. Continue reading The Girl with All the Gifts (2016) – Review

Ouija: Origin of Evil (2016) – Review

Review: Ouija’s reputation might drown in the pit-bottom of the 2014 worst, but even so, grossing out 103 million USD from a 3-million production budget is an achievement. Consequently, skeptical thoughts are floating around when the news that this Hasbro-based horror gets a sequel (technically prequel) hits the ground. The only thing that keeps hope high for this installment is the helmer, Mike Flanagan.

Breaking the ground with Absentia and refusing to get found-footage treatment to his acclaimed Oculus, Flanagan is already on track in 2016 with other two films at gunshots: a poignant home-invasion Hush and an underwhelmed fantasy horror Before I Wake. As the third entry to his filmography this year, Ouija: Origin of Evil bears a great burden to turn down skeptical thought about the predecessor and to prove that, if done correctly, this boardgame can be frightening as hell. Continue reading Ouija: Origin of Evil (2016) – Review

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