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Macbeth (2015) – Review

Review: Macbeth, or better call it The Scottish play, isn’t only Shakespeare’s most straight-forward troupe, but also the direst and most superstitious—with plenty of harrowing imagery and the real-life curse. Australian director, Justin Kurzel, is seemingly persistent to be faithful […]

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Fury (2014)

With good chemistry between the A-listers in casts led by Brad Pitt’s comeback to Nazi hunting business, Fury convincingly depicts the horror of WW II through well-choreographed tank battle. Although some cliches in plot and over-the-top celebration of the violent bloodshed sometimes bother, the suspense lasts for the whole duration.

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300: Rise of an Empire (2014)

What makes 300: Rise of an Empire more than a banal sequel or prequel is: the fact that it’s not just a sequel or prequel—it’s both and mostly a sidequel. All praises go to the works of production design, costumes, well-choreographed action scenes and hyper-stylized Slo-Mo CGI—to proceed the original classic. Thanks to Snyder and Eva Green.




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