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Best of 2016: Scenes, Posters & Quotes

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Details in films are sometimes making us remember a film longer than the whole film itself. Year 2016 shares a lot of cinematic moments that makes us wants to watch more films. Scenes, quotes and posters become important details for us to celebrate films, whether we ends up liking the whole film or not.

This list is dedicated to the most radiant of them all – to some minutes which might not make a film a Best Picture, but might steal some best celebrated moments in cinema; or to some scenes that give a film three cheers for immediate Best Picture. Here’s the list of Sinekdoks’ Best Scene of 2016!

10. The Killing Bat – Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Batman v Superman might not be the greatest Batman film you’ve ever seen (in fact, it might be one of the most disappointing one), but it displays an incarnation of the Dark Knight you’ve never seen before. “The” Batman is raw, vicious, brutal and ruthless. He doesn’t care about body counts.; and this warehouse fighting scene is a quintessence of his newly shown ‘character.’ Dynamic and brutal, this scene alone might actually save the whole film.
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09. The Ending – The Lobster

The Lobster is a clever, harrowing satire about the world where single people must find a mate otherwise they’ll be turned into animals. Colin Farrell is David, a desperate man, who is threatened to turn into a lobster. Getting away from the authority and joining the loners – who in contrast, forbid romance. Getting away for the second time with his blind lover, David volunteers to take off his eyes to be “the same as” his lover… but in an ambiguous ending, we are left to watch the lover waits for David, who barely returns. An irony.
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08. The Storm – Elle

During a thunderstorm, Michele (Isabelle Huppert) finds it difficult to handle all windows in her window-laden house, therefore, she enlists the help of a neighbor, Patrick (Lauren Laffite). At this point, both of them have developed fascination to each other; the storm traps them into an intimate moment for two. Yet, there’s something about them that makes them hold each other’s back. We never realize about it at this moment, but later, when a big twist unravels, we’ll know how this storm scene plays an important part about Michele-Patrick’s affection.
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07. Reunion Dinner – Moonlight

Moonlight finally reunites two individuals separated by life: Chiron and Kevin. There’s something unfinished about them back in their coming-of-age year, but life that has estranged them into something completely different reunite them again in an intimate dinner scene. Masculinity level: challenged.

06. Finger-licking Delight – The Handmaiden

There’s always a beginning to everything, right? But, what if something that sparkles an intimate relationship is merely a simple, innocent compassion from a maiden to her lady? Park Chan-wook crafts this scene beautifully. It looks erotic but at the same point it doesn’t, simply because it’s not erotic at all (not yet, at least).
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05. The Encounter – Manchester by the Sea

A tragedy has estranged a once-married couple, Lee and Randi, leaving them desperate and burdened with tons of feeling. Yet, who can handle feelings that big if one meets the person you love to hate and hate to love in the street? That’s what happens to them. Although they have acted as “normal” as they can; that floods of feeling can’t be restrained. With Casey Affleck and Michelle Williams, this scene is even more harrowing to watch.

04. Welcome to the Multiverse! – Doctor Strange

The Ancient One (Tilda Swinton) attempts to open up Stephen Strange’s (Cumberbatch) obstinate mind about non-medical treatment. She sends Strange to the trippiest, surreal scene in this year. It’s visually stunning and provoking!
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03. D.M.V. – Zootopia

The best comedy moment of the year might have come through a trailer of Zootopia. Nick and Judy investigate a case of missing animals; in order to progress, Nick brings Judy to the D.M.V. for information. There they meet Flash, the flashiest Sloth ever and… you can’t never forget this moment.
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02. “Would that it were so simple?” – Hail, Caesar!

In the middle of Hail, Caesar!, queer director Laurence Laurentz (Ralph Fiennes) asks his rising star, Hobie Doyle (Alden Ehrenreich), to utter some dialogues which creates feud between them. The reason is simple; Hobie is unable to utter “would that it were so simple?” the way Laurence wants him to do. Laurence even asks why Hobie keeps saying it like “would that it twuuuuh so simple?” The whole scene is indeed cringeworthy marking Coen Brothers’ prowess in crafting clever comedy moment.
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Honorable mention: Princess Leia – Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

There’s a scene that might potentially be the biggest spoiler of the year: the ending of Rogue One. First, the protagonists die; second, someone important returns. YES. Princess Leia Organa returns at the end of Battle of Scarif. She’s portrayed by Ingvild Deila with CGI. Everyone is hyped over nostalgia.
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01. What Ifs – La La Land

La La Land is beautifully crafted in every aspect. It’s an ode to those who dreams. It’s bittersweet as it culminates in the best scenes of 2016. There’s a penultimate moment before the ending where Sebastian and Mia share a gaze to each other. Immediately, the film brings us to a kind of wrap-up of the whole plot if it happens differently. This epilogue wraps up all the moments, the songs, and the sweet moments of the film with all the what-ifs. It’s a beautiful and heartbreaking scene at once, but Damien Chazelle makes it into an opiate we can’t resist.
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Sometimes, words and lines in dialogues/monologues can be remembered longer than the films. Sometimes, those quotes become a bookmark to audience to recall some important plot points or special moments in the film. Kudos is given to whoever pens those lines that become eternal. This list is dedicated to those lines that gives lasting impressions and deep impacts about how I view the film. Here’s my 11 picks for Best Quotes of 2016!d
“Shit just got real!” – Ricky Baker, Hunt for the Wilderpeople
“If you must blink, do it now!” – Kubo, Kubo and the Two Strings
“Dormammu, I’ve come to bargain.” – dr. Stephen Strange, Doctor Strange
“Would that it were so simple?” – Hobie Doyle, Hail, Caesar!
“If you could see your whole life from start to finish, would you change things?” – Dr. Louise Banks, Arrival
“Wouldst thou like to live deliciously?” – Black Phillip, The VVitch
“Tell the judge I love my wife.” – Richard Loving, Loving
“We came for a good time, not for a long time.” – Willoughby, Everybody Wants Some!!
“Rock and roll is a risk. You risk being ridiculed.” – Brendan, Sing Street
“Never tell a soldier that he does not know the cost of war.” – Lt. General Frank Benson, Eye in the Sky
“Is she with you?” – Superman, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Details in pre-released promotion are crucial things. I am not a fan of trailers, but I love posters much. Great posters might look somewhat aesthetic, unique, and eye-pleasing; but for me, the ability to represent/reflect the whole film or nudge curiosity is the most important of all. Here’s my 10 picks for Best Posters of 2016!

10. 10 Cloverfield Lane
Cloverfield‘s blood-related sequel’s poster is cryptic. It’s a bit spoiler-y, but the concept is fresh and having deep connection to the narrative.

09. Green Room
The image is parable with The Clash’s ‘London Calling’ album cover; only the bass in The Clash’s cover is substituted with machete, pretty much summing up the whole film.

08. Loving
There’s a sense of warmth and bitterness in the embrace between Richard and Mildred Loving—the unsung hero of interracial marriage in the U.S.

07. The Birth of a Nation
The stripes in this parable of the U.S. flag contains silhouettes of the rebellious march led by Nat Turner.

06. Toni Erdmann
The Sasquatch-hug-a-blonde imagery might be too quirky and enigmatic for casual viewers. Yer, once the film ends, first thing to come in mind will be the significance of the poster.

05. Jackie
It’s all red and Natalie Portman in red as the first lady-widow, Jackie Kennedy.

04. The Neon Demon
NWR exposes his neon-fetish with a grotesque image of a gory Elle Fanning. Remember, beauty isn’t everything; it’s the only thing.

03. The VVitch
Stylizing the title with double Vs for W, giving the sense of something taboo to write, The VVitch has the culprit, a black goat, posing at nothing.

02. The Handmaiden
Artistic, mysterious, and harrowing, this Handmaiden poster has all the clues you need to delve into the twisted story and the whole beauty.

01. The Lobster
Something is missing from the poster? Yes, there’s much sense of loneliness in a poster about single people who will be turned into animals if stay single.

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