Allegiant (2016) – Review

Allegiant (2016) - Review

Review: Allegiant is basically a letdown to Divergent franchise, even generally to young adult dystopian adaptations. It fails shortly to prove that a 2-part finale is worth to every series; instead, it proves that it’s a worn-off one. Had Allegiant taken liberty to explore more plot possibilities, the series might still have a decent penultimate.

Taking off sharp from the event on Insurgent, Allegiant follows series’ protagonist, Tris (Shaylene Woodley), with her fellow insurgents as they attempt to escape from wall-bordered Chicago into the outside world. As it turns out, the world on the other side of the wall is a Mad Max-esque wasteland—sorta biochemical-laden desert, in which they’re found by the Bureau of Genetic Welfare led by David (Jeff Daniels), who has an agenda about humanity. 

Allegiant (2016) - Shaylene Woodley, Theo James
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Basically, the plot is just the same as the predecessors, only the scope and nomenclature are different. At some points, some characters are also resembling other characters from either Divergent or Insurgent. Allegiant feels like a movie made by bored filmmakers—without sparks of creativity. The facts that Allegiant offers insufficient portion of heart-pumping Dauntless-style action sets and lack of proper CGI might ensure the film’s lack of creativity.

Although there’s some major character twist, the ensemble of casts is almost helpless. Tris, now a more vulnerable figure, seems to be a redundant protagonist whose importance is mostly taken over by Four (Theo James). There’s a switch of main focus in Allegiant, which Theo James could overwhelmingly handle. If there’s a gem in Allegiant, it might be Miles Teller’s typical-snob performance. If Peter annoys you much, then Teller probably gets it right.

Allegiant (2016) - Shaylene Woodley, Theo James
Image via IMDb

Weighed down by jumbled plot, lack of action and unclear direction, Allegiant could actually have options it didn’t take: taking liberty to spice up the plot with a more solid and dynamic treatment, or just leaving the 2-part finale idea.

Allegiant (2016)

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Action, Adventure, Adaptation Directed by: Robert Schwentke Written by: Noah Oppenheim, Adam CooperBill Collage (screenplay), Veronica Roth (novel) Starred by: Shailene Woodley, Theo James, Jeff DanielsMiles Teller Runtime: 121 mins Rated PG-13



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