Thursday Movie Picks #51: Family Get-Together/Reunions

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Welcome back to Thursday Movie Picks hosted by Wandering Through the Shelves. As for this week, the theme is ‘Family Get-Together/Reunions.’ Anyway, the series is continued to 2016 with full schedule posted on the blog, in case you fellow bloggers want to participate.

For this week, I pick three movies: the one adapted from play, the one with beautiful MMA choreography, and the one with most iconic father revelation. So, here I present you ‘Family Get-Together/Reunions’ movies.

01. August: Osage County (2013)

In a dogged day of August, in Osage County, a family reunion took place after a tragedy occurred. Based on a play of the same title, August is never a warm family reunion story; it opens cold, culminates too hot, and ends up even colder than before. If not for the enticing ensemble of cast, it would just be a frustrating tale which might leave you numb.

02. Warrior (2011)

Two brothers finally meet each other in an octagon stage of MMA. One is an AWOL marine with sucker-punch and one is a desperate teacher with unmatched submission skill. How they ends up getting-together is also an unmatched bittersweet story.

03. Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back (1980)

No surprise, right? I never thought Empire Strikes Back as the best Star Wars movie, but this one is strong. After long battle from the ice to the sky, one of the best Star Wars combat takes place. But the aftermath is the best… when a father finally confesses to his long separated son, but the son cannot accept. Tragic? Twisted? Not really, but it’s unforgettable with its unforgettable line.

14 thoughts on “Thursday Movie Picks #51: Family Get-Together/Reunions

  1. Loving the Star Wars twists popping up. I was going to pick August, but it was sucha depressing film, my gad. But great cast.

    1. So glad thay you loved that pick! It was intentional ’cause I’m looking forward to watch the sequel of it on Friday 🙂 true, August is extremely depressing, but that’s what popped up in my head first when learning about this theme.

  2. I love the inclusion of Star Wars, it’s so fitting. I recently watched August Osage County…that movie was a two hour fight, good lord. That’s the most fun I’ve had with a Julia Roberts performance in years though.

    1. Moreover with the release of the new Star Wars, it makes it even better! Indeed you’re right about what you said. The casts are terrific, especially Roberts, best since Erin Brokovich I think.

  3. And here I was thinking I was being unique by picking Warrior, lol. Great movie. Couldn’t really get with August: Osage County. The acting is magnificent, but the story doesn’t come together. And The Empire Strikes Back is the best Star Wars flick. I went with another one for the theme, though.

    1. And… I picked the same movie; so sorry. August is a complex movie from play, but I can see why you think the story doesn’t come together.
      Not the best for me, but it’s still one of the best, about Empire Strikes Back

  4. I actually thought Osage County ended on a …somewhat…less depressing note than when it started. Julia Robert’s character actually reminded me of my brother’s 2nd wife (big surprise-divorced). Robert’s character seems to have finally let go of all the crap when she leaves the house. I have not seen the 2nd movie but, of course, I have seen Star Wars-I saw all of them when they originally came out. When Darth baby finally tells Luke he’s his daddy, you could hear everyone gasp!

    1. So, August is a bit personal to you. But I always thought of a longer fuss that might linger long beyond the movie, and it’s definitely not a family reunion everyone’s looking for.
      About Star Wars, it’s definitely people-“gasper”

  5. Solid picks for the theme.

    Like that you were able to pull Star Wars in this week since it is seemly everywhere and it’s a good fit. Warrior didn’t quite jell for me although I thought the performances by all three main actors were brilliant. Sorry but I loathed August: Osage County and everyone in it except for Margo Martindale who I thought was award worthy. It really chaffed me when Roberts went supporting, huge category fraud when she’s clearly the lead, and perhaps cost Margo her rightful nomination. Even the usually excellent Streep was weak in it

    1. Star Wars is right on the track for this, considering the hype as well.
      Warriors is still brilliant for me, with regards to the heartbreaking ending.
      However hateful I am to August, but it still makes a great movie. I somewhat agree with your fraud category accusation, though, I didn’t look for Margo Martindale that much. I think it’s more than Streep and Roberts in a wise swap. IMO.

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