BLOGATHON: Favorite Movie Titles

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All favorite movie titles from A to Z. Only the titles.

Brittani Burnham of Rambling Film is hosting a blogathon–seems to be her first. The idea is simple—going through the alphabet, list our favorite movie title beginning with each letter; while we don’t have to necessarily like the movie to use its title. Well, it’s quite funny; and since it’s the last day of submission, I gotta buckle up. 

For me myself, I always love movies whose titles are short, having literal meaning, having people’s name on it, and having biblical references. The rule says that I don’t have to necessarily like the movies, yet, I’ve loved all movies whose titles I include here. Those titles have told you how worth they are to watch.

Credit to: Sati of cinematic corner for introducing this blogathon.


6 thoughts on “BLOGATHON: Favorite Movie Titles

  1. This looks beautiful! Thank you so much for participating. You have excellent choices here. I love that you picked I Saw The Devil – that is an excellent title (and great film!)

  2. Love the design! Thirst is one of my favorite films, I almost went with that title. Love the inclusion of Brazil and Wild at Heart.

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