Inside the Trailer: Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens

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The Force awakens in December 2015 with Star Wars Episode VII, yet, the trailer has already been released. What’s new there?

It’s a year from now, but, the trailer has already been released via iTunes Trailer and everywhere. There are some nostalgic moments we can observe—the desert, the stormtroopers, X-wing starfighters, lightsabers, Millenium Falcon.  So many questions appear. But, for now, let’s enjoy what’s displayed there.


So, here’s my rant about this trailer, which has mixed response inside of me. From various information portal, I learn that this episode is set 30 years following the timeline in Return of the Jedi; therefore, bringing back Harrison Ford, Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher et al is possible. However, what possibly becomes the conflict? Did the first trailer answer it? NO.

Now, let’s talk about scene per scene in the trailer.

The trailer starts with a desert scene (Tatooine?) and an unidentified (yet) voiceover, that sounds dark and menacing, says, “There’s been an awakening. Have you felt it?

Then, comes John Boyega in Stormtrooper uniform but without a mask. He looks confused or something. What’s he doing there? Being a stranded stormtrooper? Or disguising like a stormtrooper (like Han and Luke in A New Hope)?

Then, blackout, then there’s a scene of a droid that looks like R2-D2 with an iron ball. It sounds like R2-D2, but, why is it there—in a desert with machines and spaceships? A new companion to the hero?

A horde of stormtroopers marches in a dark room (maybe a spaceships), then the gate of something is opened, and there must be actions! But… why are there stormtroopers? Is it supposed to be a peaceful time? Or probably not.

There’s a girl; she looks hurried, she starts his pod engine and rides fast through a vast desert. After some time, I realized it’s Daisy Ridley, one of the first casts to announce (along with John Boyega, Oscar Isaac, Adam Driver, Domhnall Gleeson and more). What’s her role there? Looks like a real no one, but, why’s she there in the first place?

Then, it reveals a scene from inside a starfighter. A starfighter pilot with uniform and helmet flies his spaceship, and he’s Oscar Isaac. Isaac is also a member of the first batch of the cast, so he must be important in this saga. The scene continues with some sights of 3 X-wing starfighters float just above water in full speed. A convoy? or battlefield?

Another voiceover (from the same person I guess) continues, “The Dark side…” and all of sudden, a slim figure in black robe staggering through a snowy woods activates his (or her?) red lightsaber, which deviates from common lightsaber. Who’s this black menace? A Sith lord? As this figure fades from the screen, the voiceover continues, “...and the Light.”

Millenium Falcon RETURNS along with Star Wars theme! In CGI, she confronts two TIE series starfighters. We can see her maneuver just like she was. But, who pilots her? Han Solo with Wookie? Or Lando Calrissian? This scene follows the “and The Light” voiceover, so there must be possibilities that the pilots, old or new, must be related to the awakening of the Force.

After Millenium Falcon fades, a classic Star Wars logo appears on the screen, with subtitle: The Force Awakens, fades into December 2015.

So what’s missing there? The plot? YES. Yet, one thing finally attracts me. Three of the first casts to announce have already appeared on the screen (Boyega, Ridley, and Isaac), but, where are the others? My speculation is: all of the first casts to announce might be in this first trailer.

John Boyega with stormtrooper uniform. CONFIRMED. Daisy Ridley with a pod. CONFIRMED. Oscar Isaac with an X-wing starfighter. CONFIRMED. Adam Driver with black robe and red lightsaber? SPECULATION. Domhnall Gleeson pilots Millenium Falcon? SPECULATION. Max von Sydow does the voiceover? SPECULATION.

Well, whatever happens, Star Wars Eps. VII is OBLIGED to be magnificent (no doubt). Yet, whatever happens, we will have to wait till December 2015. So, what’s your speculation? Hit the comment button!

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