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December Roundup: What happened in Sinekdoks during the 31 days of December 2014.

December, I thought I wouldn’t have time to watch movies this month due to the Christmas things and piles of end-year task. Yet, it turns out the cinema is rather tempting than any month of this year—two movie fests came to my town and some local movies just being too tempting to miss. In addition, there’s more: blogathon, new feature, and the awaited 2015 Blind Spot.

01. Cinema Roundup

It’s been a mixed month—Hollywood blockbusters, a Japanese animation, and local Indonesian films. I only managed to watch Exodus: Gods and Kings, a clash between God-backed Christian Bale against Joel Edgerton with mascara, and the quintessence of The Hobbit Trilogy, The Battle of The Five Armies. Away from Japan, there’s a nostalgic animation, Stand by Me Doraemon, a pawn of Japanese pop culture grows up among Asia. I also watched Supernova: Ksatria, Putri & Bintang Jatuh, a hyped adaptation of Indonesian best-selling novel and Pendekar Tongkat Emas, a homage to classic martial art comic-book flick.

02. Missed-out in Cinema Roundup

Holiday is never a miss out; here’s my holiday watchlist: Locke (2014), a solid performance from Tom Hardy in a car only; Cold in July (2014), a Southern Drive which becomes very badass; Mood Indigo (2013), an entry of Festival Sinema Prancis 2014—Michel Gondry’s artistic threat; A Most Wanted Man (2014), a very tough farewell from Philip Seymour Hoffman; and Magic In The Moonlight (2014), a very sweet nostalgia to Old Europe by Woody Allen.

03. Festival Roundup

Two movie fests came in my town: JAFF 2014 and Festival Sinema Prancis 2014. Due to the tight scheduling I had, I only managed to see some movies in FSP; fortunately, some movies gave me some new insight. I watched Cloud of Sils Maria (2014), a satire to stage-performance industry; Mea Culpa (2014), a dynamic pursuit with French touch; and La Belle et La Bête (2014), an exuberant depiction of French most popular fairy tale.

04. Sinek-Talk

This month, Sinek-Talk returns with a list inspired by The Hobbit: The Battle of The Five Armies. The list brings back all my favorite dragons from many movies, so here comes Top 7: Dragons in Movies.

05. The Adapted

This month is also the birth of a new feature in Sinekdoks, The Adapted, in which I talk about books adapted into movie—my review about the book, my thought about the adaptation, and some musing. This month I picked Gillian Flynn’s Gone Girl.

06. Blog-A-Thon

Jenna and Allie —from Flick Chicks are hosting their very enlightening blogathon about our first ever movie experience; and I told my experience in My First Movie: Batman & Robin (1997).

07. The 2015 Blind Spot

I finally announced my participation in The 2015 Blind Spot series hosted by Ryan McNeill‘s The Matinee. Well, I usually observed others’ participation in the previous events, but, next year I’ll be one of them. So, here comes my list for The 2015 Blind Spot series.

After-Post: December has been a very crowded month, with Christmas and piles of end-year tasks; but it’s a very productive month to my cinema experience. Now, off to the new year 2015, a new movie experience awaits and also, this is the time to start my 2015 Blind Spot! Oh, and the annual roundup consisting all the bests in 2014 coming in January! Can’t wait for all those things.



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  1. I love that you’re going to do an Adapted series. I had a series about two years ago called Adaptations where I did the same thing, compared the film to the book, but it was early in my blogging life and I had no followers, so I stopped. I’m looking forward to seeing you grow that idea!

    1. I’m working so hard to keep this feature alive. You know, I have to read books now and check which book is gonna be or have been adapted. Hopefully, I can grow this one well! Thanks for stopping by.

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