Star Wars: The Force Awakens (2015) & 100 Things I Like About It [with SPOILERS]

64. “Luke’s a Jedi, but you’re his father,” said Leia to Han about bringing back their son.

65. Han and Leia finally hug each other like lovers do as that heartbreaking “missing you” line finally occurs.

66. That landing to Starkiller Base’ snowy forest, though.

67. Finn admits that he has no plan to lower the shield of the base as he only comes to save Rey.

68. He also admits that he’s working in sanitation.

69. Their plan, though, abducting Captain Phasma is a last-minute one that works.

70. Oh, Finn’s sassy expression of “who’s in control now?” to his former captain ensures his title as the ‘Big Deal’ said Han Solo.

71. I forgot to mention that Finn used to call Han Solo by name, incredible.

72. Again, Finn’s expression when Han tells him that he sees Rey. Finn, you nail it!

73. X-wing squadron storms the Starkiller Base without result is an old scenario that works.

74. Han finally encounters his son, Ben. That’s thrilling and leg-shaking.

75. The whole scene of Han confronting Ben a.k.a Kylo Ren is the best scene on The Force Awakens.

76. The ending of the scene, though… such an irony when Han is killed by his own son.

77. But you can see how Kylo Ren’s actually trembling… he’s so unstable that he can even sense Chewie’s shot.

78. That scene really resembles Obi-wan’s death in A New Hope. And look who shouts ‘No’ hardly now? Rey.

79. Leia can feel that? That’s heart-breaking.

80. What follows is: another chain reaction, which means the beginning of Starkiller Base’ demise.

81. The awaited battle #1: Finn on lightsaber vs. Ren.

82. Perhaps Kylo Ren’s a bit torn, he even lets his guard down for Finn to finally hurt him.

83. The ending for Finn, though, tragic.

84. Kylo Ren tries to lift Luke’s lightsaber using his mind trick but the lightsaber only passes through him and finds Rey. Wow!

85. The (unexpectedly) awaited battle #2: Rey on lightsaber vs. Ren.

86. Kylo Ren, upon learning that Rey’s Force-sensitive, tries to seduce her to fall to Dark side of the Force and offers himself to be her master.

87. It only makes Rey realizes about the Force as she grasps it and fights back.

88. That sucker-punch, though, leaving Kylo Ren wounded with scars on his face.

89. That fissure. Classic.

90. Look how Chewie repays Finn’s deed.

91. I forget again how Poe Dameron storms the core of Starkiller Base to trigger further self-demolition, which leads to its demise.

92. That jump into hyperdrive with exploded Starkiller Base as background is so nostalgic.

93. Rey feels you, Leia.

94. R2-D2 suddenly awakens from its dormant state… but why? Rey?

95. R2-D2 projects a map to Luke and BB-8 completes it! That’s how The Force Awakens works—the new one to complete the already big classic.

96. Finn’s still unconscious. This has to mean something.

97. Rey becomes a pilot of Millenium Falcon along Chewbacca and R2-D2.

98. Luke’s planet is so occult.

99. Luke Skywalker.

100. Look, Skywalker.

In conclusion, I like almost everything about The Force Awakens. Now, let’s move to answers I want to get from the sequel.

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18 comments on “Star Wars: The Force Awakens (2015) & 100 Things I Like About It [with SPOILERS]

    1. Thanks, Allie! I have a lot to say about this movie therefore it is. I know I feel you, too. I watched it twice, the answer just didn’t come but it gives me more insight to characters’ motive in conducting things. Also… Many quotable lines although not as provoking a the original trilogy.

      Really can’t wait for 2017? Or 18? Lol

  1. YASSSSSS…so much to love here and I love how you really took the time to break this all down. In fact…your post helped me appreciate Boyega more, as I wasn’t as drawn to him while watching it, or his comic relief and yet your post helped me relive some of his moments in a way that made me like him even more.

    Now I want to watch this again!

    1. I love it so much! I know it’s flawed, but it doesn’t matter at all.
      I watched it twice to finally break down things into smaller things like this.
      And, just so you know, I loved Boyega’s persona ever since the first time he showed up, I couldn’t help but laugh. When I watched it again, the pattern became more clear that he’s destined for that.

      Really hope you like it that much too!

  2. Such a great post!!! I don’t know how you managed to come up with a solid 100 likes (I narrowed mine down to 5 haha), but every point is legit! 08. BB-8 is not just a gimmick! It’s as essential as R2-D2 and C-3PO. YES!!

    1. Thank you, Courtney 🙂 I watched it once and I thought I had many love for it. I tried to recall all things that thrilled me and came up with more than 100 things but I decided to keep it neat by narrowing them down to 100.

      What I said about BB-8 is true, right?

  3. Satu hal yg membuat kecewa, terlalu mirip dengan Episode 4.
    Kapt. Phasma mudah banget ditaklukan, cuma ditodong langsung nurut. Kenapa gak pake perlawanan dulu?
    Kylo Ren lebih baik dari Dart Vader karena semarah-marahnya Kylo, yg dia hancurkan adalah peralatan (benda mati) bukan prajurit atau staff yg ada di sekitarnya. Beda dengan Dart yg hobi main cekik.
    BB-8, bentuknya cuma bola dengan kepala setengah bola tapi caranya bergerak benar2 menunjukkan emosi seperti saat sedih, bingung, atau gembira. Benar2 berasa hidup.
    Unsur komedinya benar2 fresh.

    1. Ya emang banyak kemiripan dengan Star Wars (sorry I refuse to use eps 4)… Tapi elaborasinya bagus sekali. Nggak terlalu same shit different day.
      Phasma sih katanya akan punya banyak role di episode 8, don’t know how yet, though.
      Kylo Ren emang lebih kompleks dan lebih abu-abu yg jelas. Dia masih labil sekali… Emosinya blm terarah hehe

      Overall, episode yg mengalir dgn cantik melanjutkan aliran trilogi originalnya 🙂

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