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The Sunshine Blogger Awards 2016

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The Sunshine Blogger award nomination returns to Sinekdoks after it previously ducked on 2013. Enormous gratitude goes to Jenna and Allie from awesome Flick Chicks blog, who have nominated this blog to keep the light goes. It’s a big appreciation to receive such nomination; at least, I know that at least someone (in this case, two people) gives real attention to this blog.

To simply receive and pass on the awards, these are the fundamental rules:
-> Post the award on your blog ☑
-> Thank the person who nominated you ☑
-> Answer the 11 questions they set you ☑ (Below)
-> Pick another 11 bloggers (and let them know they are nominated!)
-> Set them 11 questions

Here are my answers to Jenna and Allie’s questions! Anyway, visit their awesome dynamic duo blog now! 

01. Settle an ongoing Flick Chicks debate for us. Which Ryan is best, Reynolds or Gosling
Gosling, a Mickey Mouse Club guy! His choices of movies are way better than Reynolds.

02. Who do you think Rey’s Parents are? (We’re talking Star Wars here)
Possibly someone from Extended Universe. Not completely new characters, but some more unfamiliar ones.

03. What was the first movie you saw in the cinema?
Batman & Robin and I barely spent 15 minutes in the cinema.

04. What’s your ultimate guilty pleasure movie?
Deep Blue Sea and Deep Rising.

05. What’s your go-to cinema snack?
Popcorn with BBQ flavor.

06. What’s your best piece of advice for new bloggers?
Get yourself motivated all the time. Blogging is fun and easy, but being consistent isn’t. Write more things that you love and interact with readers or fellow bloggers.

07. Is there a movie out there that you hate with a passion, and why?
Crash. How come that over-the-top simple movie won Oscar’s Best Picture?

08. If you could create a sequel for any movie that currently doesn’t have one, which one would it be?
The Social Network. Let’s see how Jesse Eisenberg finally acquired Instagram and had a baby, aside of the social network.

09. What other hobbies do you have, aside from movies and blogging?
I listen to and play music; I play and watch soccer; I read books… and magazine. Yeah, typical.

10. If a movie was made about your life, who would you cast to play you?
If we’re not doing gender-swapping, I think Shazad Latif would make a perfect cast. I don’t watch him often (only via Penny Dreadful and The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel), but I love the charm he’s bringing into his character. Thing is, he’s a bit too tall.
Second option will be Tom Revolori.

11. What’s been your favourite movie of the year so far?
By now it’s Sing Street.

Done with the answers, now let me nominate other bloggers to pass on the torch!

Sonia with A Film A Day by Sonia
Kukuh Giaji with KUKUHGIAJI
Wendell Ottley with Dell on Movies
Hestia Istiviani with
Amel with Marry the Fiction
Brittani with Rambling Film
Adi with #freakingflicking
Erlita Putranti with It Caught My Eyes
Radira with Eiga Rebyu

Well, that’s 9… so I save 2 more spaces for anyone reading it, who would like to get nominated and pass the torch. For those I nominated, below are the questions you need to answer before you continue.

01. When was the last time you guys reading something for real? (Kapan terakhir kali kalian baca sesuatu?)
02. Which one is getting overrated: novel adaptation or comic book adaptation? (Mana yang lebih overrated sekarang ini: novel adaptation atau comic book adaptation?)
03. IF you should adapt a novel or a comic book to be a movie, which title would you pick? (Kalau kalian boleh mengadaptasi novel atau komik jadi film, buku/komik apa yang kalian akan pilih?)
04. And who would you set to direct and star? (Lalu siapa yang akan kalian jadikan sutradara dan pemain?)

05. When was the last time you cried while watching movie? (Kapan terakhir kali kamu menangis pas menonton film?)
06. When was the last time you got a real guilty pleasure? (Kapan terakhir kali kalian mengalami guilty pleasure?)
07. What concert did you last see? (Konser apa/siapa yang kalian lihat terakhir?)
08. What’s your feel-good song?
09. What song reminds you to your last heartbreak?

10. Tough one, Marvel Cinematic Universe or Star Wars?
11. Help me settling this Oscar dispute, Boyhood or Birdman?

You can help passing the nominations to fellow bloggers or if you don’t feel like doing a post for this, you can just simply answer the questions via comment section below. It’d be very glad if you’re partaking on this. Good luck!


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