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Movie Review Mission Impossible Fallout (2018): Previous five Mission: Impossible movies have all showcased different flairs of action spectacles under five different directors. All five movies have made quite a reputation to be that action franchise with consistently fresh and innovative death-defying stunts (ever so often done by the franchise’s face—Tom Cruise). Now, with Fallout, this franchise finally makes another reputation—to be one of the rarest franchises in which each installment is technically overdoing the predecessors.

Tom Cruise reprises his role both as Ethan Hunt and as the death-defying stunt performer (this time he did a highly-choreographed HALO jump and he even piloted a helicopter), that renowned IMF agent who has been accomplishing impossible missions since around 2 decades ago. As the title might suggest, Fallout is about dramatic chaos as a result of a dramatic event; but, look closely, you might also find a clue about the sheer hazard the protagonist might be facing should they fail this time—fallout of nuclear explosion. One thing for sure, Fallout is a globe-trotting action bravura which highlights Tom Cruise ‘dedicated’ stardom in all the decent way.

The plot follows Hunt on a lethal mission under nuclear threat from a terrorist group, The Acolytes, set up by Rogue Nation big-baddie, Solomon Lane (Sean Harris). As IMF and CIA dissolving/feud in the predecessor heats up, Hunt along with the team—including long-time partner, Luther (Ving Rhames) and recently promoted (with more action), Benji (Simon Pegg)—must work hand-in-hand with CIA operative, Walker (Henry Cavill with mustache that destroys Justice League) while Ilsa Faust (Rebecca Ferguson) also joins the party to coup. Missions go from simply negotiating nuclear cores with broker, White Widow (Veronica Kirby), a simply toilet brawl with heavy martial art ‘businessman’ gone all bloody visceral, to swarming Paris streets with super thrilling car chases. As plot gets thickened, double-crossings and subversion embark, making Fallout breaking all the standards, in plot and spectacles, that the predecessors had set high.

Fallout builds a thorough foundation made of several aspects sharpened by its predecessors. From the futility of the mission, the importance of team members (sadly Jeremy Renner’s Brandt is MIA in this installment), family connection and threat to humanity (this time posed by remnants from previous movie), every aspect is used effectively by creating a solid connection of them with previous Mission: Impossible story. There goes a proof that this franchise isn’t a merely one-man show; everything is connected and the world building feels as real as how the franchise matures. The packaging is all that matters—a taut crime-thriller packed with inventive and well-presented action sequences; it’s a highly energized action extravaganza whose energy is abundantly channeled even in the slower first half.

Final verdict, Mission: Impossible – Fallout is a proof that this franchise is a rare case where each installment keep outdoing the predecessors.‬ ‪This one is aggressive, witty and exhilarating in summing up what had happened in this franchise over the years. ‬It’s the pinnacle of the whole series… and overdoing this installment would be a colossal effort, even for Tom Cruise.

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