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Best Movies of 2019

Best of 2019

When talking about composing lists of ‘Best Movies of the Year’, including Best Movies of 2019 list, the problem has always been one: release year. Using the major awards’ timeline is nonsensical for casual viewers with limited access to festivals […]


Best of 2018

Welcome back to Sinekdoks with the annual ‘Best of the Year’ series—an appreciation content to honor my most favorite movies that were released in 2018. Speaking of 2018… The year has been the toughest one for Sinekdoks since the blog […]


Best of 2016: Performances

My most favorite list in a year is always: Best Performances. It’s a list dedicated to the year’s most fascinating acting performances—as usual, I made this list without classification. There’s no leading or supporting category; there’s no male or female […]


Best of 2016, So Far…

Usually, the ‘good movies’ which make the final best-of-the-year lists would not be coming out before September or October or what so called ‘Award Season.’ Meanwhile, the year’s most fun movies would only be unleashed during the summer time, which […]




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